Deepholm: Embersilk and Hypnotic Dust Farming Spot

The price of Hypnotic Dust has lately increased considerably, and that’s why it makes quite a great material to farm. There are quite several spots and methods to farm this Cataclysm dust, running Bastion of Twilight for the mobs at the entrance for example, or Grim Batol up to the first boss are two of them. However, there’s another spot where you can easily farm Hypnotic Dust, as well as Embersilk Cloth. And this spot is in Deepholm.


  • Minimum level 90;
  • AoE spec;
  • Flying mount;
  • Flight Master’s License;
  • Enchanting skill minimum 450;
  • Potion of Treasure Finding x 1;
  • Tailoring minimum 325 skill (optional).

Where to go:

Use the portal into your main city (Orgrimmar or Stormwind City), to teleport to Deepholm, at Temple of Earth. From there fly north-east, to Verlok Stand (71,25).

Verlok Stand, Deepholm map location

What to do:

What you have to do here is pretty simple. First pop up the Potion of Treasure Finding, and then start clearing all the Verlok troggs that you can find on the bridge there and around the big rocks.

There’s also a good pull of them on the suspended terrace, just above the bridge formation with the troggs, at (71,25). Many players don’t pull these, and if there’s a lot of competition, you can still get some extra mobs.

The loot table of these mobs is pretty generic, but since you’re going to kill many of them, as fast as possible, along with the bonus of the Potion of Treasure Finding, you’ll get plenty of loot. Also, in order to maximize your Embersilk Cloth drops, it’s best to bring a character with Tailoring.

Verlok spot in Deepholm

Now, although the respawn rate is pretty quick, it’s still not quick enough. Therefore, instead of waiting for them to respawn, it’s best to use the Premade Groups UI function, and jump on a different server. Clear the mobs on 1-2 other servers, then get back to your own server, and repeat.

Once your inventory is full, sell all the trash loot, open all the Tiny Treasure Chests obtained due to the treasure potion, and disenchant the green items for dusts and essences. Even if you won’t get heaps of dusts, 40-50 is quite a great deal, as nowadays Hypnotic Dust sells for cca 10g a piece on most servers.


After about 30 minutes at Verlok Stand in Deepholm, playing a Frost Death Knight, I managed to fill up 3 Hexweave Bags + the Backpack with loot and Tiny Treasure Chests. Once I’ve opened all the chests and sold all the trash loot, I’ve got the following loot and cash:

I’ve got the following loot:

Embersilk Cloth x 845 = 1g / each = 845g Verlok Stand loot
Hypnotic Dust x 44 = 16g / each = 704g
Greater Celestial Essence x 7 = 5g /each = 35g
Volatile Air x 24 = 13g /each = 325g
Volatile Water x 13 x 17g / each = 221g
Volatile Life x 4 = 6g / each = 24g
Volatile Earth x 9 = 5g / each = 45g
Volatile Fire x 11 = 16g / each = 176g
Pyrite Ore x 20 = 24g / each = 480g
Elementium Ore x 23 = 2g / each = 46g
Blue Items x 2 = 100g / each = 200g

Gold: 471g

TOTAL: 3,101g afte 30 minutes of farming.


Competition at this spot can be pretty harsh sometimes. Therefore, bringing a PvP geared character here should give you a better chance on getting rid of the opposite faction competition.

The best class to bring here for farming is a Balance Druid. Not only that this spec and class has an excellent AoE radius, you can also loot while in Flight Form, and casting Flight Form is also instant.

In case Embersilk Cloth has a low price per stack, as it can happen sometimes, you can craft Deathsilk Bracers and then disenchant them, for extra Hypnotic Dust.

When using the Premade Groups function, it’s always a good idea to join raid groups for outdoor bosses, such as Kazzak or Rukhmar. These groups usually have auto-invite and you will be accepted instantly (especially if you join as tank or healer). Also, you won’t be kicked out.

It there are 1-2 other players also farming here, take note of the server they’re from, and avoid joining a group from their server, in the Premade Groups. That’s because when you teleport on their server, there’s a good chance all mobs will be down. Also, to avoid competition, it’s best to come here in the morning.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any competition, your inventory should fill up pretty quickly. In fact, what I’ve got during this 30 minutes session, you should be able to get in 20 min. or less, w/o competition. That’s why it’s best to come here with 4 empty Hexweave Bags. And also have a mammoth mount or a Jeeves, to be able to sell the trash loot, when inventory fills up.

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  1. this spot is awesome, and for now it actually pays for my subscription.. hypnotic dust has outrageous prices on my realm, but for now ppl seem to buy it.. thanx.

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