Battle Pet Farming: Death Adder Hatchling

The Death Adder Hatchling is still one of the expensive farmable pets today, simply because it requires quite a bit of luck to get it. But still, chances to get this pet can be increased if you know what to do. Therefore, whether you want this pet for your collection, or to sell it, here’s what you need to do:


  • Minimum level 90;
  • TomTom addon (optional).

Where to go:

Teleport to Pandaria from your main city, and then fly to Timeless Isle. Or, if you have the Time-Lost Artifact trinket, teleport directly to Timeless Isle.

Death Adder Hatchling - Map Locations

What to do:

The Death Adder Hatchling drops from the elite rare Imperial Pythons. Now, you probably won’t find any pythons up right away, so you will have to make them spawn. There are 14 locations where an Imperial Python can spawn, and they share the spawn locations with the non-rare elite Death Adders.

Therefore, start grinding on the Death Adder snakes found at the lower level of the isle. Most of them are near the beach, but there also are a few near The Celestial Court. In case you’re using the TomTom addon, here are the locations of all the Death Adders:

/way Timeless Isle 30.30 36.66
/way Timeless Isle 29.87 43.56
/way Timeless Isle 33.52 46.04
/way Timeless Isle 26.06 46.28
/way Timeless Isle 28.02 61.62
/way Timeless Isle 28.99 63.95
/way Timeless Isle 27.23 69.14
/way Timeless Isle 29.50 73.52
/way Timeless Isle 31.23 75.88
/way Timeless Isle 34.17 74.20
/way Timeless Isle 36.32 73.80
/way Timeless Isle 44.53 65.75
/way Timeless Isle 53.08 58.18
/way Timeless Isle 50.71 46.36

If you don’t use this addon, the map above indicates the locations of the snakes.

The snakes’ respawn timer is approx. 2 minutes. Every time one respawns it has a chance to be an Imperial Python. Of course, when you find a python, kill it, in order to have a chance at the Death Adder Hatchling pet.

Imperial Pythons are not very rare spawns. In fact, by grinding on the adders, you should be able to get around 5-6 python spawns per hour. Of course, the pet is rather rare, and probably won’t drop right away. But it’s worth the farm, as it typically sells for 5-6,000g on most populated servers. That’s because it has a really powerful ability – Blinding Poison, and many players use it in their battle pet setups.

Imperial Python mob

By following the route on the map, by the time you complete one full run, the mobs should start to respawn. However, in case you can kill them too fast, and have to wait a bit for them to respawn, hopping servers is not a bad idea. However, if you’re going to hop servers, it’s a good idea to pick 1-2 servers, and only choose those. Keep in mind that an Imperial Python will only spawn in the place of a Death Adder. Therefore, if you’re going to choose a different server every time for hopping, you’ll have lower chances to find one up.


Took quite a bit to get one Death Adder Hatchling. I got it after about 2 hours of grinding, and 11 Imperial Python kills. But along with this pet, I also got the following loot, and materials, after disenchanting some of the BoP epics:timeless isle - battle pet loot

Death Adder Hatchling x 1 = 6,000g
Green Item x 26 = 50g / each = 1,300g
Sha Crystal x 9 = 70g / each = 630g
Spirit of Harmony x 4 = 75g / each = 300g

Cash, after selling trash and some of the epics: 242g

TOTAL: 8,472

Depending on the server you play, you can actually sell some of the greens for 200g. However, their average AH value is cca 50g. Their vendor value is approx. 10g.


It’s a good idea to bring a Leatherworker to grind on these snakes. They’re skinnable and you’ll get extra gold with the Exotic Leather you’ll get.

It’s a good idea to upgrade your hatchling to blue, and level it up to lvl 25. You should be able to increase its value this way. With an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone, or 25 Flawless Battle-Training Stones, you can level up a pet instantly.

You can also purchase this pet if you find it cheap, learn it, and then put it in cage on a server where it’s more expensive, and sell it there in AH. It’s actually one of the best pets to use for transferring gold on your characters from different servers.

It’s also a good idea to loot all the Crane Nests that you see, basically on the same route for the snakes. They’re near the trees with the small, yellow cranes. These nests have a chance to drop the Azure Crane Chick, another pet that you can sell at AH. Prices of this pet are usually lower, though. It sells for 1,500-2,000g.

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