Profits To Be Made During Children’s Week

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Children’s Week is a WoW Event during which players should focus on giving back to the orphans of the Alliance and Horde war. This event gives you the opportunity to adopt an orphan child, and complete a series of quests for this NPC. Once you finish the quest chain, you will be able to choose a battle pet as your reward.

Now, you can only complete this quest once per character. Therefore, these pets are rather rare, and needless to say, their prices are typically high.

In order to get a pet to sell, this is what you must do.

What to do:

First of all, know that Children’s Week is an event that begins typically in the last week of April. This year (2015), Children’s Week will begin in April, 27, and will end in May, 4.

In order to start this quest chain, you must visit one of the several Orphan Matrons in the game. Here are the matrons and their locations:

Orphan Matron Battlewail – Orgrimmar (58,57)
Orphan Matron Nightingale – Stormwind (55,54)
Orphan Matron Mercy – Shattrath City (75,48)
Orphan Matron Aria – Dalaran (50,62)

From the matron of your choice, adopt an orphan of your choice.

As you get your orphan, they will give you a series of quests. Each quest requires you to take your orphan to visit a certain point of interest in Outland, Azeroth or Northrend. Once you finish them all, you will have to return to the matron you’ve started the quest, and get your pet. I won’t get into detail when it comes to these quests. They are pretty much straightforward.

Now, for the money making part of this chapter…

There are actually 6 pets to choose from (and in the future, others may be added). These are:

Peanut (Peanut)

In case you’ve chosen a Frenzyheart or an Oracles child NPC, you will be able to get a Curious Wolvar Pup or a Curious Oracle Hatchling. These last two are the coolest ones, but they cannot be caged and sold.

The first four mentioned, although they all can be sold for minimum 2,000 (at level 1), even right after the event, Egbert, Willy and Legs have always seemed to be more popular, in other words, more expensive. So, if you want to sell yours, get one of these three first, and leave Peanut for some other time.


The quest chain doesn’t take long, especially if you have the possibility to travel faster (i.e. use portals as a Mage). So, it’s not a bad idea to get 2-3 pets on several alts.

Keep in mind that the price for these pets will drop fast during the event, and maybe a month after. However, once the AH will start to clear off of them, their prices will slowly go up. By October or November, you can actually sell one of these pets for up to 10,000g, depending on server.

In case the prices for these pets drop by a lot during Children’s Week, and sometimes you can get them for 100-200g, it’s not a bad idea to buy 5-6 of each. After a couple of months from the event, guaranteed they will sell for x10 times the price at least.

Last but not least, to increase the price of any of these pets, you can level it up to 25, and then sell it. You should be able to increase its price by at least 1,000g.

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