Celestial Tournament Guide

Master Li - Celestial Tournament Host

The Celestial Tournament on Timeless Isle is a single player weekly scenario, the one and only pet battle tournament (for now) in World of Warcraft. You can access it from Master Li, on Timeless Isle.

During the Celestial Tournament a player is required to defeat 3 Master Pet Tamers (which vary from week to week) and 4 Elite Battle Pets, without using Revive Battle Pets or Battle Pet Bandages. Also, to enter the tournament, each player must have at least 15 maximum level battle pets (level 25 battle pets).

Important Tip

Before I proceed with this Celestial Tournament Guide, here’s a very important tip:

Even though you cannot use Battle Pet Bandages or the ability Revive Battle Pets to heal or resurrect your pets, there’s still a way to heal your pets that you might want to use in more than one fight during the Celestial Tournament. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Get a battle pet that has the Wish ability. Some of the pets with this ability are: Magical Crawdad, Magic Lamp, The Gurkster or Zao, Calfling of Niuzao. Wish is an ability that will heal your next active pet.
  • If one of your pets is damaged, get your Magical Crawdad (or pet that has Wish) and the damaged pet, and engage in battle with an Elite Pet, or a Pet Master that will start with a pet with non-damaging abilities. I usually choose to heal my pets against Yu’la, in the second phase of the tournament. Yu’la begins with Emerald Presence (shield), then does Lift-Off. Therefore, begin the battle with the Wish-pet and cast Wish (Yu’la will cast Emerald Presence), then swap on your damaged pet (Yu’la will use Lift-Off), and as the round is over, the Wish ability will be cast on your damaged pet. Then simply forfeit the fight.
  • Repeat this with another damaged pet, plus your Wish-pet.

Pets and Tactics

Now, here’s a combination of pets and tactics to defeat any Pet Master and Elite Battle Pet in the Celestial Tournament.


WrathionI use the following pets: Tolai Hare Pup (but any rabbit with Dodge, Flurry and Burrow should do), Peddlefeet and Bonkers.

Tolai Hare Pup (vs. Cindy): FlurryDodgeBurrow – Flurry – Flurry – Flurry – Dodge – Burrow.

Peddlefeet (vs. Alex): Lovestruck – (Wrathion will change on Dah’da) – Shot Through The Heart – change on Bonkers .

Bonkers (vs. Dah’da): Dodge – Tornado PunchJab – Jab – change on Peedlefeet (Dah’da, or Alex in case your Tornado Punch stunned Dah’da should die).

Peddlefeet (vs. Alex): Lovestruck – Shot Trough The Heart.

If you’re going to use Peddlefeet to defeat Yu’la in the second phase of the tournament, he should remain alive during your battle with Wrathion.

Chen Stormstout

Chen StormstoutI use: Clockwork Gnome, Flayer Youngling, Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog

Clockwork Gnome (vs Tonsa): TurretRepair – Turret – Punch (the key is the the gnome must remain alive to get Chirps’ Sleep).

Flayer Youngling (vs Chirps): Rampage (Chirps should die, if not do a Triple Snap.

Flayer Youngling (vs Brewly): Focus – Triple Snap – Rampage.

Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog (vs Brewly): Frog Kiss – Frog Kiss – Frog Kiss – Frog Kiss.

Taran Zhu

Taran ZhuTaran Zhu swaps his pets quite often, so in some cases you must improvise. However, I’ve never lost against him with these pet: Lost of Lordaeron, Fossilized Hatchling, Jungle Grub.

Lost of Lordaeron (vs. Yen): Curse of Doom – You’ll get stunned – swap to Fossilized Hatchling.

Fossilized Hatchling (vs. Yen): BonestormAncient BlessingBone Bite – Bonebite – Bonestorm.

Now, when Yen is severely damaged he will do Feign Death, and Taran Zhu will throw in Bolo. Make sure you don’t do the 2nd Bonestorm with your Fossilized Hatchling if Bolo has Blinded you.

Anyway, at this point, after 2 or at least one Bonestorm, Yen should be dead. If not, it will be sent into battle only to do Feign Death and be swapped again, so do not use any strong attacks vs. him, if he has low HP.

Lost of Lordaeron (vs. remaining pets): Curse of Doom – Siphon Life – Shadow Flash (until Lost of Lordaeron dies).

Jungle Grub (vs remaining pets): LeapConsume – Leap – Consume – Leap – Consume.

However, in case Bolo blinds you, do Leap – Leap – Consume.

 Blingtron 4000

Blingtron 4000To defeat Blingtron, I use: Magical Crawdad, Flayer Youngling, Water Waveling.

Magical Crawdad (vs. Au): Renewing Mists – Wish – Surge – Surge – Surge – Surge – Surge (Au should die).

Magical Crawdad (vs. Banks): Do one more heal and Wish , and change for the Flayer Youngling (or just Wish, in case you have less than 700 HP left on the Crawdad).

Flayer Youngling (vs. Banks): Rampage – Triple Snap – Triple Snap – Banks should die. Do one more Triple Snap vs Lil’ B.

Water Waveling (vs. Lil’ B): GeyserFrost ShockIce Lance – Ice Lance – Ice Lance – Frost Shock – Ice Lance.

When the Chill debuff from Frost Shock will drop from Lil’ B, make sure you use Frost Shock once more. Do not attempt to finish off Lil’ B with Ice Lance without the debuff on it. It’s a good chance you’ll lose, even if it has low HP.

Shademaster Kiryn

Shademaster KirynFor Kiryn, I use: Kun-Lai Runt, Fel Flame, Lil’ Smoky. The idea is to always block Kiryn’s pet Nairn with the Kun-Lai Runt and make her swap on a different pet. So, whenever she throws Nairn in, you should put in your Kun-Lai Runt, and when Nairn does Call of Winter, simply cast your Deep Freeze which will stun Nairn.

Kun-Lai Runt (vs. Nairn): MangleThrash – Deep Freeze – change on Fel Flame (before Kiryn changes, as Nairn is still in battle, stunned).

Fel Flame (vs. Stormoen): Scorched EarthConflagrateBurn – Burn until Stormoen dies. Do 1-2 more Burns on Nairn until Fel Flame dies.

It’s important that Stormoen dies before it drops the second turret. In case Stormoen drops the second turret, forfeit, heal your pets with your Magical Crawdad or Zao pet, as mentioned in the beginning of this post. You can do it on Kiryn, vs. Nairn, as it does not use two strong opening attacks.

Kun-Lai Runt (vs. Nairn): Thrash and Deep Freeze again after Nairn casts Call Blizzard, then change on Lil’ Smoky.

Lil’ Smoky (vs. Summer): Launch Rocket (just construct the rocket, don’t actually launch it) –Toxic Smoke / Missile (you will miss as Summer will do Dodge) – Launch Rocket (now really launch your rocket, which will do a lot of damage to Summer) – Toxic Smoke (and maybe a Missile if Lil’Smoky remains alive after Toxic Smoke).

Kun-Lai Runt (vs. Summer): Thrash until Summer is dead (anyway, Summer should die from the Toxic Smoke dot).

Kun-Lai Runt (vs. Nairn): Thrash – Thrash – Deep Freeze.

Wise Mari

Wise MariTo beat Wise Mari, I usually go with: Pterrordax Hatchling, Onyxian Whelp and Huge Toad. Although it’s not the best combination, it rarely fails.

Pterrordax Hatchling (vs. Carpe Diem): Lift Off – Slicing Wind until Carpe Diem dies. If Lift-Off fails to hit, cancel the fight and start again.

Pterrordax Hatchling (vs. Spirus): Do Ancient Blessing to heal as 1st attack on Spirus, and Slicing Wind until you break its shield, then Lift-Off once you have broken its shield, if possible.

Onyxian Whelp (vs. Spirus): Healing FlameTail Sweep – Tail Sweep – until Spirus Dies (it should die in 2 Tail Sweeps).

Onyxian Whelp (vs. River): Healing Flame – Tail sweep – Lift Off (make sure you do Lift Off when there’s 1 round remaining on the Whirlpool it casts on you; as you are up, Whirlpool will fail) – Tail Sweep and Onyxian Whelp should die.

Huge Toad (vs. River): Water Jet – Water Jet – Water Jet.

Lorewalker Cho

Lorewalker ChoAgainst Loremaster Cho, I’ve never failed with: Nordrassil Wisp, Onyxian Whelpling, and Bonkers.

Nordrassil Wisp (vs. Wisdom): FlashBeam – Beam – Soul Ward – Flash – Beam – Beam. In case Wisdom doesn’t miss any of its attacks after your 1st Flash, no biggie. Your wisp will die, and you’ll finish off Wisdom with an attack on your Onyxian Whelp.

Onyxian Whelp (vs. Patience). Now Patience hits dragonkin pets really hard. However, Tail Sweep that various dragonkin pets have hurts Patience as well. Therefore, start with: Healing Flame (if you had to finish off Wisdom with your Onyxian Whelp, and it is not full HP), then do 3 more Tail Sweeps until either your whelp or Patience dies.

If your whelp is full HP, or close to full, start against Patience with Tail Sweep, then do Healing Flame, and then continue with Tail Sweeps. If your whelp dies before Patience, bring in Bonkers, do a Tornado Punch and a Jab, or save the Tornado Punch for the next pet, Knowledge.

Bonkers (vs. Knowledge): Tornado Punch – Jab – Dodge – Jab – Jab. If you don’t have Tornado Punch up, start with Dodge, then do Tornado Punch as soon as it is up, and do Jabs in between. Anyway, Knowledge shouldn’t be a problem for Bonkers.

Dr. Ion Goldbloom

Dr. Ion GoldbloomI use Disgusting Oozeling, Lil’ Smoky and Fledgling Nether Ray on Dr. Ion Goldbloom.

Disgusting Oozeling (vs. Screamer): Start with Ooze Touch (or Corrosion, you will miss anyway, as Screamer will do Lift Off). Then do Expunge – Ooze Touch – Corrosion – Corrosion. If Screamer doesn’t die, it will do Feign Death, and Trike will be called into battle. If so, change on Lil’ Smoky. Also, if Screamer has been swapped with a Corrosion stack on it, it should die out of combat.

Lil’ Smoky (vs Trike): Toxic Smoke – Missile – Missile – Toxic Smoke – Missile (in case you lose your turn due to Trike’s Horn Attack, insist with Toxic Smoke until you finally get the chance to hit, then continue with Missile. If Lil’ Smoky dies, bring Disgusting Oozeling back in, or Fledgling Nether Ray, and do 1-2 Bites. If Screamer didn’t die, it should be thrown into battle once more after Trike dies, and again do Feign Death, and be swapped for Chaos.

Fledgling Nether Ray (vs Chaos):  Tail Sweep – Tail Sweep – Tail Sweep. If Screamer didn’t die during the previous rounds, it will be the last pet, so do another Tail Sweep and it should die too.

Sully “The Pickle” McLeary

Sully "The Pickle" McLearyFor Sully McLeary I found Huge Toad, Dragonbone Hatchling and Amethyst Spiderling to be a good combo. Anyway, you can basically use any other frog with those critter abilities, and a different bird with Slicing Wind and either a
defensive ability or an offensive one as the second, instead of the Dragonbone Hatchling.

Huge Toad (vs. Socks): Swarm of FliesHealing WaveTongue Lash – Tongue Lash – Tongue Lash until Socks dies (it should die before the toad).

Huge Toad (vs. Monte): Healing Wave – Swarm of Flies – Tongue Lash if possible (toad should die).

Amethyst Spiderling (vs. Monte): Brittle WebbingSpiderling Swarm and Monte should die. And vs Rikki do 1-2 Strikes if you can, until the spiderling dies.

Dragonbone Hatchling (vs. Rikki): Adrenaline Rush – Slicing Wind x 3 – Adrenaline Rush – Slicing Wind. Or, you can risk and do a Lift-Off, but if you do, make sure you cast it when his Cute Face Buff still has 1 stack on him. This way, your Lift Off should drop on him when he won’t have 25% dodge chance.


ZaoI beat Zao with the following combo of pets: Mei Li Sparkler, Dark Whelpling and Tranquil Mechanical Yeti.

Mei Li Sparkler: Confusing StingGlowing Toxin – swap to Dark Whelpling;

Dark Whelpling: Call Darkness – Tail Sweep – swap Mei Li Sparkler (DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SPELLS, just Call Darkness and one Tail Sweep, then swap on the sparkler).

Mei Li Sparkler: Refresh the dots –> Confusing Sting – Glowing Toxin (Mei Li Sparkler dies).

Tranquil Mechanical YetiCall LightningMetal FistIon Cannon (Ion Cannon does devastating damage, but you have to make sure Zao will die after it) if not, you lose.


Xu-FuThe following combo: Pet Bombling, Amber Moth, Tranquil Mechanical Yeti never fails on Xu-Fu.

Pet Bombling: Toxic Smoke – Toxic Smoke – Explode (bombling dies);

Amber Moth: Cocoon Strike (this will prevent Xu-Fu from hitting, and healing himself) – Moth DustAlpha Strike – Alpha Strike. At this point Xu-Fu should be dead. Anyway, if not, use the yeti.

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti: Ion Cannon.


Chi-ChiNow, Chi-Chi can be beaten with magical pets, but most players use a different approach. Turn Chi-Chi undead, and beat it
with a critter. I use the same tactic, with the following combo of pets: Sen’jin Fetish, Nuts, Tranquil Mechanical Yeti.

Sen’jin Fetish: Wild MagicShadow Slash – Shadow Slash – Wild Magic – Rot (Sen’jin Fetish dies). The idea is to make sure you apply Rot before Sen’jin Fetish dies.

Nuts: Adrenaline Rush – Nut Barrage – Scratch – Nuts Barrage. At this point, Chi-Chi should be dead, but in case Nuts misses an attack, Nuts might die first, so bring in the yeti.

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti: Ion Cannon.


Yu'laNormally, I never needed more than Peddlefeet and Bonkers (or any pet with over 1600 HP) for Yu’la, but you can add any pet as the 3rd here. Although Peddlefeet is not exactly a pet that everyone has, when Love Is In The Air festival comes in WoW, it’s worth to do
whatever it takes to get it. It’s an awesome pet, very fast, devastating against dragonkin. So, here’s the best tactic vs. Yu’la:

Peddlefeet: Lovestruck – Shot Through The Heart (swap on Bonkers);

Bonkers: Dodge – Tornado Punch – Jab – Jab – Dodge – Tornado Punch.

If Bonkers dies, get Peddlefeet in again, with another Lovestruck and Shot Through the Heart.


The rewards for winning the tournament are (once per week):

  • 1 Celestial Coin
  • 1000 Timeless Coins
  • 125 Valor Points

Evidently, Celestial Coins are currency for various Battle Pets, such as Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen, Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji, Zao, Calfling of Niuzao and Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon, which cost 3 Celestial Coins each. Other rewards are available for Celestial Coins, such as Battle Pet Bandages (25 for 1 Celestial Coin), Marked Flawless Battle-Stones (1 for 3 Celestial Coins) or Pet Treats (1 for 1 Celestial Coin).

Unfortunately all the rewards are Battlenet Account Bound, so they cannot be sold to AH (at least not yet).

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