Blackrock Foundry – Heroic Trash Farming

The following gold farming method isn’t exactly an easy one due to various aspects, but mostly because you’re going to grind on heroic, level 100+ raid mobs, and evidently you will have to assemble (or join) a group. Also, it requires a little bit of luck. However, during an hour of farm, you should be able to score at least an epic item, which usually sells for a lot of gold.


  • Minimum iLevel: 660
  • Group of 5-6 players:
    • 1 tank
    • 1 healer
    • 3-4 DPS

Where to go:

If you haven’t been to the entrance of Blackrock Foundry before (in case you’ve been summoned all the time to raid runs), the entrance is located in northern Gorgrond, at The Pit (52,28). So, fly to Everbloom Wilds (57,46)
, then go north-west, into The Pit.

Blackrock Foundry Map Location

What to do:

Once your group is ready, setup the raid to Heroic difficulty, enter Blackrock Foundry, and clear all the mobs down to the first boss in the Slagworks –> Oregorger. Needless to say, in order to find any trash down to this boss, you (or the raid leader) must have the boss alive on Heroic difficulty. Once you finish up with the trash, leave the instance, reset and repeat.

Blackrock Foundry Trash Route

Now, the mobs you will be grinding on are the Darkshard Acidbacks, Darkshard Gnashers, Slagshop Workers, Slagshop Brutes etc. They have a pretty good chance to drop BoE items, such as Doomslag Greatboots, Treads of the Veteran Smith, Bracers of Visceral Force and others, items that players are likely to pay for, in order to boost their iLevel. Depending on server, and stats, these items sell for prices between 15000-20000 gold.

In order to find party members more quickly, it’s best to use the Premade Groups feature. In this case though, make sure that you set the minimum required iLevel to 660, and state in the group description that you will be farming for BoE items to sell. This way, you have a good chance to get better geared players, who don’t need the items for themselves, but to sell.

Slagshop Mobs

When it comes to loot though, you should decide at the beginning of the run how it’s going to be. Either it’s going to be Round Robin, Need Before Greed or Master Looter, it’s best that you make sure every member gets at least something. Be friendly, and be fair. This way, players will remember you and join your groups

An hour grind on these mobs should bring the group between 4-7 BoE epics of these, and it’s a pretty good chance that you’ll get at least one.BRF BoE Loot


On my last run, we’ve played for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and I’ve got two BoEs:

Furnace Stoker’s Footwraps x 1 = 14000g
Bracers of Darkened Skies x 1 = 17000g

Total: 31000g


It’s best to do runs such as this with at least 1-2 friends, or guildies. Random players tend to bail after getting on item. And if it’s the tank that bails, chances are you’re going to have to wait for a while for a new tank. That’s why it’s best that you play the tank or healer, since these are the most important roles of a group.

Don’t cheat, to ninja any loot. Players will remember you and will label you as a ninja. Therefore, in the future it’s going to be more difficult to get players in your group.

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