Draenor Boss Farming: Orumo the Observer

There are many world bosses in WoW that drop nice, BoE loot, which can be sold for a lot of gold. One of the rare spawns in Talador, is Orumo the Observer, and this boss drops a battle pet – Eye of Observation, a pet not particularly strong for battle, but a pet that’s quite cool looking. This pet typically sells for 10-11k gold on most servers. So, here’s what you have to do to farm it.


  • Level 100;
  • 5-man group.

Where to go:

Fly to Talador, and from your main camp, Fort Wrynn or Vol’jin’s Pride, fly to Shattrath City (51,43). From Shattrath City go west to the Sha’tari Skymesa (34,47).

Orumo the Observer - Map Location

To go up at Sha’tari Skymesa, take the elevator at (36,46), at the Skymesa Palisade. The boss is situated on a circle area, at (32,48).

Sha'tari Skymesa Elevator

What to do:

Orumo the Observer is unattackable, just like several other mobs in the area. To “unlock” it and make it attackable, 5 players must stand on the runes in front of the boss. However, when you step on one rune, you will sustain quite some damage, and die quickly. That’s why at least 5 players must be on the spot, and all of them step on the runes simultaneously in order to unlock the boss. Once the boss is unlocked, the runes and the damaging area around the boss disappears. The encounter’s mechanics is somewhat similar to the one for Varyx the Damned in Tanaan Jungle.

Orumo Runes

The fight vs. Orumo isn’t difficult. Once unlocked just spank it and it should die fairly easily.

If you find the boss up, create a group and list it in the Premade Groups section to get 5 players for it. Also, the boss has a respawn timer of around 3 hours, but sometimes can instantly re-spawn after killed.


Apart from the pet, this boss can drop some 620 lvl item, Primal Spirit, and 5 Sargerei Insignia. The drop rate of the pet is roughly 15%. Took me several kills to get the last one, but it sold quickly for 10,000g.

The boss can only be looted once per day, per character. So, if you kill it with your main and want another shot at the pet, you should bring another character to the spot.

Also, if you find the boss up during prime-time, you should get a group for it fairly quickly, 10 minutes tops, by listing your group in the Premade Groups. So, if you get the pet, it should be an easy 10 minutes farm for 10k gold.


You can use the Premade Group feature to hop servers in search for the boss. Or, simply join a group already in progress for this boss if you find one.

If you have Aviana’s Feather, you should be able to quickly fly to the boss’ spot directly from Shattrath City. This item is rather helpful for all kinds of farming as it allows you to fly. If you don’t have it yet, you should put it on your “to get list”.

While waiting for the other players to join you, you can grind on the elite mobs at Sha’tari Skymesa. They drop Primal Spirits and Apexis Crystals, and with an iLvL 650ish character, you should be able to take them down easily.

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