Blasted Lands Rares Run

An excellent way to get transmog gear is to farm on the rare mobs in Blasted Lands. The area has quite several rares, and each one of them can drop 1-2, level 50-60 items. Needless to say, some of these items look pretty cool and can be sold for at least a couple of thousand gold. So, here’s the route you should follow, the rares’ locations, and pretty much the everything that you should know about this farming method.


  • Minimum level 60;
  • Flying mount;
  • Flight Master’s License;
  • TomTom addon (optional).

Where to go:

Now, depending on what level you are, you may or may not be able to teleport to Blasted Lands from your main city.

Blasted Lands Rares Map

Therefore, if you are playing a character between lvl 60-90, you will have to fly to Nethergarde Keep (Alliance) or Dreadmaul Hold (Horde), in Blasted Lands. If you use the portal to Hellfire Peninsula in your main city, you won’t be able to go through the Dark Portal, into Blasted Lands. So, the only way to get to this zone, is to just fly there.

If you are playing a lvl 90+ character, you will find a portal to a “zoned” Blasted Lands in your main city Orgrimmar (at Cleft of Shadows) for Horde, and Stormwind City (inside the Mage Tower) fo Alliance. Use this portal to get to Blasted Lands. However, you will be teleported into a lvl 90+ (pre-Draenor) zone. So, you will have to change the zone to level 55-60.

What to do:

Step 1.

If you have teleported into the level 90+ Blasted Lands, you will have to change the zone to level 55-60, so that you can find the rare mobs. They are not visible in the 90+ zone. To change the zone to 55-60 you must speak with Zidormi (48,7), just by the road that goes into Swamp of Sorrows. Once you speak with Zidormi, she will zone you into the old Blasted Lands.

Step 2.

Follow the route on the map, kill each and every rare mob that you can find, and loot everything they drop. Among the green / blue items dropped by the rare mobs, you will also get some quest items, Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment and Flawless Draenethyst Sphere. You can turn these in at Kum’isha the Collector (49,32), who will give you Emerald Encrusted Chests or Kum’isha’s Junk bags, for each sphere or crystal that you turn in. These contain other items and recipes.

Zidormi and Kum'isha

If you’re using the TomTom addon, here are the waypoints for the rares:

/way 47 14 Clack the Reaver
/way 46 26 Mojo the Twisted
/way 37 29 Dreadscorn
/way 32 44 Narixxus the Doombringer
/way 31 70 Blackleaf
/way 61 75 Cassia the Slitherqueen
/way 74 55 Akubar the Seer
/way 63 34 Spiteflayer
/way 60 30 Mordak Nightbender
/way 55 39 Grunter
/way 53 27 Deatheye
/way 49 35 Ravage
/way 47 39 Magronos the Unyielding
/way 55 54 Teremus the Devourer

Step 3.

Once you’ve cleared a whole run, use the Premade Groups feature to join a Custom Group and transfer your character on a different server. This way, there’s a good chance you will find most of the rares up, once again, and just repeat your route.


After one hour spent grinding on these rare mobs, which included about 5 runs, on 5 different servers, I’ve got:

Epic item x 2 = 100g / each = 200g
Blue item x 25 = 50g / each = 1250g
Green item x 61 = 100g / each = 6100g
Blue recipe x 1 = 1500g
Green recipe x 1 = 200g

Total: 9250g

Blasted Lands Rares Loot

Now, I’ve given an estimated value to each item that I’ve got, 100g for greens, 50g for blues etc, but some of these items sold for much more than that.

For example, amongst the items I’ve got 2 x Swashbuckler’s Eyepatch which sold for 1000g each, 1 x Blade of the Titans that sold for 600g, and 1 x Soulkeeper (staff) that went for 500g. Mystical and Abjurer’s always sell for at least 2-300g.

The conclusion here is, that you can make at least 10000g per hour, just by grinding on these rares.


It’s a good idea to empty your inventory before your start this rare mob run. That’s because your bags will fill up pretty quickly and you’ll have to interrupt your run to sell. Needless to say, a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth mount or a Jeeves are great to have, if you need to get rid of the trash loot.

If your inventory has filled up and you want to sell some of the loot, to make room for other items, it’s a good idea to sell the green necklaces, brackers, and rings, as these aren’t transmog pieces typically sought by players and they’re usually very cheap.

When joining Custom Groups, always join the ones for Garrison traders first. These groups remain active for a longer while and you won’t get kicked.


  1. Did this for a while, got Chan’s Imperial Robes….Add on said it was worth 58k gold on my server. Didn’t believe it. Sold it for 1000g, soon found out it actually was worth ~60k on my server. Got this from the Emerald Encrusted Chest .
    So watch out for that.

  2. Why will someione buy that low items, i tryed that and i got full bag of items, but no one want to buy them, i put them on ah and nothing, i dont get this farm…

    • Some of those items are cool transmog pieces, and can be sold for up to a couple of thousand gold, depending on server. But most of them don’t have a value higher than 100-200g. Also, it takes some time for them to sell, but eventually they all sell. Of course, if you’re on a high-pop server, you’ll have more clients and they’ll sell faster.

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