One of the Best Battle Pets Gold Farming Methods

Most World of Warcraft players that have played and still play Pokemon, for sure enjoy to spend time with pet battles. Evidently, the more pets you have, the better pet combinations you can use, and the higher chances to defeat other players.

This being said, you can make nice profits by selling the right pets. However, most players don’t want to spend time leveling pets, and would rather buy a pet that’s already level 25.

The good news is, you can level a pet up to level 25 within an hour or even less. And depending on what pets you level up, their rarity level and their abilities, you may sell some of them for up to 10,000 gold. The average price for rare (blue), level 25 pets is somewhere around 2-3000g. Therefore, you can make 2-3000g per hour, by leveling and selling certain battle pets.

Of course, not all players know how to level up a pet within one hour, and for that, here’s a short guide.

How to Level Up a Battle Pet Within One Hour or Less

First of all, you will be needing one key element for battle pet leveling. That is a Nordrassil Wisp, or any pet that has the Flash or Beaver Dam ability, or any ability that debuffs an enemy pet of 50% hit rating. With a pet like this, you will be able to use your level 1 pet in a battle against level 23-25 pets, and quickly gain level 10. Also, an Onyxian Whelpling is very useful against many Grandmaster Pet Trainers, so, if you have it, you might want to train it as well for this purpose.

Now, to level a pet quickly, up to level 10, I use my Nordrassil Wisp, any other level 25 pet, and my level 1 pet that I want to level up. Some of the easiest pets to defeat while using your level 1 pet for one round without dying, are the Emerald Turtles (lvl 23-24) in the Jade Forest. You can find them near at the Spiritsong River, near Honeydew Village.

Simply do 4-5 battles against these turtles, opening every time with the Nordrassil Wiisp to blind a turtle, then throw in your low level pet for one round, and then swap it back and use the other two high level pets to finish the fight. Your low level pet doesn’t have to hit any other pets. Just make sure it enters the battle at least one round to get XP.

Once the pet you’re leveling reaches level 10, proceed on doing the following Battle Pet Daily Quests, against the following Grand Master Pet Tamers:

1. Lydia Accoste (Deadwind Pass).
Use: Nordrassil Whisp, Tolai Hare Pup and your low pet. Once you beat Lydia Accoste, your pet should reach lvl 12.

Lydia Accoste

2. Stone Cold Trixxy (Winterspring).
Use: Onyxian Whelpling and Bonkers, along with your low pet. Once you beat Trixxy, your pet will be lvl 14.

Battle Pet Trainer Stone Cold Trixxy

3. Bloodknight Antari (Shadowmoon Valley).
Use: Onyxian Whelpling, a Huge Toad and your low pet. Once you defeat Antari, your pet should be level 16.

Bloodknight Antari - Battle Pets Trainer

4. Nearly Headless Jacob (Crystalsong Forest).
Use: Tolai Hare Pup (and make sure you start with Evasion), a squirrel (or basically any other critter), and your leveling pet. Critters do massive damage on Jacob’s undead pets. Once you beat Jacob, your pet should reach level 18.

Nearly Headless Jacob

5. Major Payne (Argent Tournament Grounds – Icecrown).
Use: Clockwork Gnome, Water Waveling (or some elemental pet) and your lower level pet. Defeating Major Payne will take your pet to level 19.

Battle Pets Trainer Major Payne

6. Gutretch (Zul’Drak).
Use: Clockwork Gnome and a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, plus your leveling pet. Or, basically any other robotic pets will devastate Gutretch’s worm (beast type) pets. Now your pet should be level 21.


7. Hyuna of the Shrines (Jade Forest).
Use: Arcane Eye (or Nordrassil Whisp, or any pet with magical abilities), Onyxian Whelpling and your low lvl pet. Once you beat Hyuna, your pet should reach level 23.

Grandmaster Pet Trainer Hyuna of the Shrines

8. Whispering Pandaren Spirit (Jade Forest).
Use: Onyxian Whelpling (and make sure you start with abilities in this order: Tail Sweep, Healing Flame, Lift-Off, Tail Sweep), Bonkers (or Huge Toad), and your leveling pet. Defeating the Whispering Pandaren Spirit will take your pet to level 24.

Battle Pets Trainer Whispering Pandaren Spirit

9. Thundering Pandaren Spirit (Vale of Eternal Blossoms).
Use: Tolai Hare Pup, Onyxian Whelpling and your low lvl pet. Once you finish with this final daily quest your pet should be level 25.

Thundering Pandaren Spirit

All you need to do now is put it in a cage, and sell it to the Auction House.

On my last pet leveling session, I took up to 25 an Anubisath Idol pet, which I bought at level 1 for 500g, and managed to sell for 3,500g after leveling it to 25.


Take note that certain pets cannot be caged and sold. In general, pets that you capture from the wild are not tradable. Typically, pets received as quest rewards, pets dropped by bosses, or various mobs in the game, are tradable even after you level them up to 25.

Depending on the battle pets you have, you might not be able to defeat the Master Pet Tamers that I mentioned above. However, there are many others in the game, and you can make your own leveling route. The thing is, you basically need to defeat 9-10 pet tamers, in order to take a pet to 25.

Most of the Grand Master Pet Tamers that I mentioned in the WoW guide above, also grant a bag of goodies when completing the quest. Sometimes you can find blue pets in them, which are a plus to your farming session.

It’s a good idea to keep a few characters that you don’t play often, logged at the location of various tamers in the game. When you’re leveling a pet, all you’ll have to do is log in each character, and defeat each tamer, or at least some of them.

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