Ashran Farming: Trading Post Auctioneer Parts – 20,000g per Hour

You probably are aware by now that the Garrison Trading Post Building allows you build your own Auctioneer. As you raise your Trading Post to level 2, you will get an Ancient Trading Mechanism, which is broken, and requires repairs. The parts that you need to gather in order to repair it, drop from various places in the game. Some of them drop in instances, others drop from raids and Garrison Invasions, others are Draenor drops, and finally some of them drop from the mobs in Ashran.

Now, since Ashran is a PvP zone, and on various battlegroups, the queue to Ashran takes quite a long time, the parts that drop from here cost a lot of gold. Up to 20,000-30,000 gold a piece. These also have quite a low drop rate, so many players give up after a while, or simply get fed up with being ganked by the opposite faction players.

So, here’s what you need to do, in order to farm the Trading Parts from Ashran.


  • Level 100 character;
  • Garrison Trading Post at Level 2.

Where to go:

Use the portal in your Garrison to teleport to Warspear (Horde) or Stormshield (Alliance), follow the path into Ashran, and join the queue for the battle.

Once in Ashran, go to one of the two mob camps, Gorian Falls (56,57) or The Dark Woods (58,42).

Ashran Auctioneer Parts Farming Map

What to do:

First of all, you’ll need your Trading Post at level 2. Do this if you haven’t so far.

Second of all, as I mentioned above, sometimes the queue for Ashran battle takes a long time. In order to get instant queue, it’s best to plan your Ashran farming for early mornings. This way, not only you’ll be able to join Ashran quickly, there will also be fewer opposite faction players around to gank you, and your farming will go smoothly.

Ashran Dark Woods SpotAshran Gorian Falls Spot





As you reach one of the farming spots pointed out above, start grinding on the mobs you find there. Focus on the Arakkoa at The Dark Woods, and on the saberon mobs at Gorian Falls. You’ll mostly get Artifact Fragments currency, which can be exchanged for Honor points and other stuff at your faction’s base camp in Ashran. But if you already have your Trading Post at level 2, they will also have a chance to drop the following parts for the Ancient Trading Mechanism:

  • Universal Language Compensator
  • Universal Language Filter
  • Universal Language Repository

You will not be able to get these unless your Trading Post is lvl 2, and you have the broken robot auctioneer. However, even if you’ve completely repaired your auctioneer, you will still be able to get any of the parts for its repair, from various mobs in the game, including the Ashran ones.

When it comes to the mobs in Ashran that drop these items, I’ve farmed on different types, but the saberons and Arakkoa seem to have the highest chance to drop them.

The respawn rate of the mobs isn’t that great, and you’ll probably competing for the mobs with other players. If the mobs in a camp are all dead, just move to the other.

Now, as I’ve also mentioned, the drop rate for the 3 parts, isn’t quite high. Sometimes it might take more than an hour to get one. But it’s worth the farm, as they can be sold for 10s of thousands of gold, at least for now.

** Update:

The Universal Language parts drop from the ogres at Brute Rise and from the Goren at Molten Quarry as well. Got several from these mobs. Also, I can confirm that these items can drop if you are in a raid group. One dropped for me from Panthora, while I was in an events raid group.


On my last farming session in Ashran, which took about 1 hour and 30 minutes, I was able to get 3 parts:

Universal Language Compensator x 1 = 20,000g
Universal Language Repository x 2 = 20,000g / each = 40,000g.

Total: 60,000g in 90 minutes of farming.

Ashran Trading Post Parts Farming  Loot


Depending on the server you play on, prices for these may vary. Even if players list them for 60-70k gold, they may not sell for that much. On my main server (which is a high pop server), they go for 20k, that’s why I listed them here for this price. However, if you see they don’t sell for that much, cut off the price. Even if you sell them for 10,000g or even 5,000g, it’s still easy gold.

Regarding the drop rate of these, I must say I was quite lucky on this farming session, to get 3. Sometimes you get none after one hour. But within two hours of farming you should get at least one. Which is plenty of gold for such amout of time spent farming.

It’s a good idea to bring a Rogue or Druid, to farm for these items, since these classes have stealth and you can easily sneak about and avoid enemy players. Sometimes you can find a huge zerg of enemies in your base camp, blocking all the exits, and it might be difficult to run past them. Also, PvP gear is a plus.


  1. Hey mate,

    Good work and nice guides! I just wanted to know how quickly you sold your Universal Language Repository?

    Cheers Jakob

    • That really depends on server. Prices differ by a lot. I play on several servers, and on Stormscale-Horde (EU), it goes for rather cheap. 9-10k gold. Sold my last one there for 8.5k I think. On Outland, I sold my last one (a week ago) for a quick 30k, as the price is normally 40-50k.

      By the way, patch 6.1 comes, and the drop rate for all these parts may be drastically increased. So, not sure it’s a good idea to farm them these days, until patch settles in. Hope this helps.

  2. Is this still an option. I have spent 6 hours a day for three days trying to get a drop and no luck. Am I doing something wrong? I know I can get the parts as I have all the other modules from the other zones. The Language module is not dropping for some reason. ny help would be appreciated.

    • Yes, this is still an option. Almost every week when we do our Ashran quests, we grind on the NPCs and get at least one of the 3 drops. The bosses would seem to have a slightly higher chance to drop them though. Many times I got one from Brickhouse, or Panthora. You were just unlucky. Sorry.

  3. Hey just wondering if this is still a good idea… I’m newer to wow and I have no idea on how to make money… hopefully this is a good idea. reply would be nice! thanks!

    • You can still get Trade Post Auctioneer parts in Ashran. Drop rate seems to be the same. Their prices are pretty low nowadays though, 3-4000g even less. Also, it would seem that these items have a higher chance to drop from the Ashran bosses. Got several from bosses, lately.

  4. Yea it really just depends on luck. Sometimes ive fsrmed for hours and gotten maybe 1 piece. Other times, usually on my blood dk when running druid friends for legendary books as i can solo all the rares in there, i have gotten 4-6 pieces in one 1 hour trip. So is simply luck. Rare elites and the cursed mobs in darkwoods seem to have the best drop rate, then the portal elites, then the regular mobs. Again simply luck based.

  5. nice guide here, thx for sharing

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