Arakkoa Feathers Farming Spot

Anyone that wishes to increase their standing with the Lower City faction in Shattrath, will surely need Arakkoa Feathers at some point. These are easy to gather, but you kinda need a lot. So, most players would rather buy some of the amount. That’s a good reason for you to farm and sell some.

Most Arakkoa mobs in Terokkar drop these feathers, but the best spots to farm them are Veil Reskk and Shienor.


  • Minimum level 65;

Where to go:

Alliance or Horde, go to your main city (Stormwind City or Orgrimmar), use the portal to teleport to Blasted Lands, pass through the Dark Portal and fly to Shattrath City. Then fly (or go) East to Veil Reskk (50,15) or Veil Shienor (59,24).

You can also ask a Mage to make you a portal to Terokkar Forest and then go to Veil Reskk (50,15) or Veil Shienor (59,24).

Arakkoa Feathers Farming Spot

What to do:

Start grinding on the Arakkoa mobs at Veil Reskk or Veil Shienor. Your objective is to loot as many Arakkoa Feathers as you can. They also drop a fair amount of Netherweave Cloth. The mobs are levels 62-64, pretty easy to kill. You can AoE them down if want, but some of them are casters and you won’t be able to pull more than 4-5 before they run back.

If there are other players at one spot or if you are able to clear one of these camps quickly, move to the other. However the respawn rate is decent. In case you have quite some competition at both these camps, you can go Veil Skith (30,42), South from Shattrath City.

Arakkoa Feathers Farming

Loot: Arakkoa Feathers Farming Loot

My last 1 hour farming session at Veil Reskk and Veil Shienor, playing a level 70 Hunter, has brought me the following loot:

Arakkoa Feather x 155 = 3g/each = 465g
Light Feather x 93 = 10g/stack = 46g
Netherweave Cloth x 164 = 30g/stack = 246g
Major Mana Potion x 5 = 10g
Green Item x 12 = 25g/each = 300g
Blue Item x 1 = 75g

Cash (after selling the trash loot): 34g

TOTAL: 1176g after 1 hour of farming.


Arakkoa Feathers are items required for completing the Lower City reputation repeatable quests “More Feathers” and “The Outcast’s Plight“. Completing one of these quests a player is rewarded with 250 Lower City reputation and a bag of “goodies”. The quests can be accepted until a player finishes Honored standing with Lower City. To complete one quest, a player must turn in 30 Arakkoa Feathers, so it’s best to sell them in stacks of 30. I usually sell a 30 Arakkoa Feather stack for minimum 90g.

In less than an hour, you can farm here, the money for your Expert Riding Skill.

Players don’t usually farm these feathers and many times there aren’t any at the Auction House. So you can sell them for more than 90 per 30 pieces.

There are several Terocone, Felweed, Dreaming Glory, Adamantite and Fel Iron nodes that spawn near these two spots, so if you are a Herbalist or a Miner you will increase your earnings by gathering these resources as well.

By disenchanting the green items dropped by these mobs, you will get Arcane Dust, Lesser and Greater Planar Essences. If you have an enchanter, before selling the items, check the prices for these and see maybe you can get more for the dusts and essences you would get by disenchanting the green items. Some of the green items have a nice aspect, therefore can be sold for over 2-300g. Players buy them for transmogrifications.

On each of these spots you can sometimes find a rare spawn mob – Okrek – which always drops a blue item and you can get the achievement “Medium Rare” if it’s your first rare mob killed in Outland.

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