WoD Profits With Blacksmithing

Warlords of Draenor has made Blacksmithing a very profitable profession, giving blacksmiths a wide array of weapons and armor to craft and sell for a lot of profits. The only downside of it, is that most Blacksmithing craftable items require Truesteel Ingots, which are difficult to get at a rate higher than 22 per day. But even so, every five days, you can craft something that you can sell for up to 5,000g or even more, depending on server.

At least for the time being, you can only wear 3 crafted items on a character. And once you’ve crafted the 3 you needed, you’ll end up with a surplus of Truesteel Ingots, which should be turned into profits.

The most profitable items to craft so far, are weapons. That’s because players can’t get them for Apexis Crystals, sometimes it can take quite a long time for a good weapon to drop from an instance, and many would rather farm 10-20k of gold, in order to buy a good, crafted and upgraded weapon.

I usually go with the one-handers with strength and agility: the Steelforged Saber and the Steelforged Hammer. That’s because most players choose blacksmithing on their Death Knights, Paladins and Warriors, classes which they play mostly with 2-handers. Evidently, they invest first in the recipes for 2-handed weapons, and later on not all of them will buy the recipes for the 1-handed weapons. Therefore, most of the time, there are fewer 1-handed steelforged saber materialscrafted weapons in AH, on most servers that I play, and prices for them are slightly higher.


Blacksmithing skill 600;
Blacksmith Recipe: Steelforged Saber and / or Blacksmith Recipe: Steelforged Hammer (sold by your Garrison Forge NPC, for Secrets of Draenor Blacksmithing).


Truesteel Ingot x 100
Blackrock Ore x 20
True Iron Ore x 20


Now, in case you want to be able to produce the maximum of 22 x Truesteel Ingot per day, you will need your Forge upgraded at level 2, and a level 100 follower with the Blacksmithing trait, assigned to your Forge. This way you will get 12 x Truesteel Ingot from your Forge per day, and another 10 x Truesteel Ingot from your Blacksmithing daily craft.

However, you can still get extra Truesteel Ingots if you purchase them from your Garrison Primal Merchant for Primal Spirits. One Truesteel Ingot costs 10 x Primal Spirit. You can get Primal Spirits via Mining, Herbalism and Skinning, or by killing level 100 mobs, in the daily quest areas, in Draenor.

Of course, you can upgrade your crafted weapons, and sell the upgraded versions, but it takes longer than 10 days to upgrade a weapon to tier 2, since this requires another 150 x Truesteel Ingot. Plus, you’ll need Savage Blood and Sorcerous Earth, which require a lot of investment if you don’t have your own Garrison Barn. The 15 x Savage Blood required for a weapon upgrade are the most expensive. At the moment all 15 of them cost about 9k gold. But if you have your own level 3 Barn, you should be able to get 15 of them within 12 days, the time in which you’ll craft your 100 + 150 Truesteel Ingots.

The 30 x Sorcerous Earth for this should be cheaper than 900g.

However, in my opinion it’s not worth to wait 12 days to craft and upgrade a weapon to level two. That’s because most players would rather buy the tier 1 version, and then use their banked Savage Blood and ingots for the upgrade.

Also, it’s a good idea to have Mining along with Blacksmithing, as you will get more True Iron Ore from your Frostwall Mine or Lunarfall Excavation, just enough for your daily ingots crafting.

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