WoD: How to Make Gold with the Garrison Gem Boutique

Although you don’t need Jewelcrafting on a character to build a Gem Boutique in your Garrison, having this profession will allow you to make a few hundred gold daily, without too much of an effort. So, how to make gold with a Gem Boutique.

Gem Boutique - Alliance

First of all, to build a Gem Boutique, you will need the Garrison Blueprint: Gem Boutique, Level 1. This blueprint unlocks automatically when you level your Town Hall to level 2. However, you can still get the blueprints for the Level 1 Gem Boutique, if your Garrison is still level 1, by completing a quest. This quest is given by an object that should drop from various mobs in Draenor. It’s a Drained Crystal Fragment (Alliance) or an Intricate Crimson Pendant (Horde).

Now, to begin making gold with your Gem Boutique, you need to raise it to a level 2 Gem Boutique. Once you do that, you have to assign a follower with the Jewelcrafting trait to work in this building. Olin Umberhide (Horde) or Artificer Romuul (Alliance), are the two followers that have Jewelcrafting as base trait. You’ll get Olin by completing “Winds of Change“, and Romuul by completing the quest “Artificer Romuul“.

Jewelcrafting Payment - Daily Quest Reward

Once you have a follower assigned to your Gem Boutique, he will give you a daily quest, which requires you to craft an item or obtain certain materials, then turn them in for a Jewelcrafting Payment bag. This bag, contains 250-300g. Therefore, you will make about 250g per day, just by completing this quest, which shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes.

Of course, you will get various other materials from your Gem Boutique, which you can sell to the Auction House, such as Sorcerous Air, or Sorcerous Earth, or use them to craft and sell JC items.

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