Tailoring: Profits With Otherworldly Bags

Almost any tailor in WoW will craft and sell Frostweave Bags or Embersilk Bags as main source of income. However, diversifying your offer is always profitable. So, by crafting and selling Otherworldly Bags, you can get quite some decent profits. Tailoring Materials for an Otherworldly Bag


  • Tailoring skill 480;
  • The Pattern: Otherworldly Bag – taught by your Tailoring Trainer


  • Bolt of Embersilk Cloth x 9
  • Hypnotic Dust x 8
  • Greater Cosmic Essence x 4
  • Dream Shard x 1

You can buy all these materials from AH, without spending over 100g. In fact, the most expensive of these materials are the Bolts of Embersilk Cloth, which typically sell for 5-7g. Hypnotic Dust sometimes can go up to 10g per piece, but it’s always best to stash up when they’re cheap. Same goes for Greater Cosmic Essence. Dream Shards usually aren’t more than 1-2g each.

Therefore, the cost of an Otherworldly Bag is somewhere around 70-80g. However, they can be sold for up to 350 – 400g, depending on the demand and supply on your server.


It’s best to not craft more than 3-4 of these at the time. Since these are bags exclusively for enchanting materials, and they are quite spacious, not all enchanters need more than 1-2 of these. So the demand shouldn’t be that high.

In case Hypnotic Dust and Embersilk Cloth / Bolts are too expensive, here’s a good spot to farm Embersilk Cloth.

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