Profits with Titansteel Bars

Titansteel Bars are materials required for about 40 World of Warcraft items, such as the Mechano-Hog or Mekgineer’s Chopper, Jeeves, and various pieces of armor. Needless to say, there will always be a demand for these, even though players don’t need them as much as back in the days of WotLK.

Now, even though you won’t gain a lot of profit by crafting and selling just a couple of Titansteel Bars, it’s still quite profitable to buy the materials while they’re cheap, make the bars and sell them. Most of the time I get about 100g profit per bar, which is pretty much a good deal.

To craft a Titansteel Bar, you will be needing: Titansteel Bar Materials


  • Mining skill 450;
  • The Smelt Titansteel Bar skill from your Mining Trainer.


  • Titanium Bar x 3
  • Eternal Fire x 1
  • Eternal Earth x 1
  • Eternal Shadow x 1

Now, the price of Titanium Bars are the most expensive materials for a Titansteel Bar. Therefore, it’s best to buy them when the price for one is lower than 20g. That’s what I do. The Eternals are typically cheap, you should find them for 3-4g each. However, the price for Eternal Fires has gone up lately on various servers. Anyway, the idea is not to spend more than 100g for the materials for a crafted bar. The average price of a Titansteel Bar is 200g, but sometimes it can reach 300g.

In case you don’t like the current price of Titansteel Bars, you can simply stack them in your vault until there aren’t any available in AH, or the price is convenient to you.

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