Crafting: Profits with MoP Weapon Enchantments

Enchanting was, is and will always be a profitable WoW profession, as long as you know what item enchantments to craft and sell. Nowadays, since everyone is playing at level 100, in Draenor, the prices for MoP enchanting materials have dropped. However, the price for many Pandaria enchantments continues to remain pretty high.

So, if you have a level 600+ enchanter, here are two enchantments that you should look into, which might bring you substantial profits.

1. Enchant Weapon – Dancing Steel


  • Minimum enchanting skill 600
  • Formula: Enchant Weapon – Dancing Steel
  • Revered reputation standing with the Shado-Pan


  • Sha Crystal x 10
  • Spirit Dust x 12

2. Enchant Weapon – Jade Spirit


  • Minimum enchanting skill 600;
  • Formula: Enchant Weapon – Jade Spirit
  • Revered reputation standing with the Shado-Pan


  • Sha Crystal x 10
  • Mysterious Essence x 4

MoP Weapon Enchantment Materials

Now, as you can see, in order to be able to acquire these recipes, you must become revered with the Shado-Pan faction. By completing all the quests in Townlong Steppes, you should reach Honored standing with the Shado-Pan. From there on, you can do some of the dailies, but since nowadays not many players farm the rare Pandaria bosses, you can start farming them yourself, as they can drop reputation tokens with this faction.

Both these recipes are sold by Rushi the Fox (49,70) in Townlong Steppes. Also important here, you can see these recipes in Rushi’s item list if only if you are an enchanter.

Rushi the Fox - Shado-Pan Quartermaster

The Sha Crystals, which used to be extremely expensive in Pandaria, can now be bought as low as 2-3g. Of course, prices for these still fluctuate, and sometimes the price for one can reach 50-60g. It’s not indicated to buy them when prices for them is this high. But if priced for less than 10g each, you can get down to business, since the prices for these enchantments stants somewhere at 4-500g on many servers.

The Spirit Dust and Mysterious Essence also have very low prices nowadays, 5-10s for one dust, and 1-2g for an essence, typically. But you can get plenty by disenchanting the stuff from the Big Crates of Salvage, if you have a Salvage Yard in your Garrison.

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