Profits With Draenor Enchanting

Enchanting has always been a profitable profession. There are many Enchanting formulas of different levels to be gathered, which can bring you a lot of gold. However, when it comes to the Draenor enchanting formulas, all of them are sold by the enchanter NPC at your Enchanter’s Study, in your Garrison.

It’s a matter of time though, until you will be able to purchase all of them, as the currency for these formulas are Secrets of Draenor Enchanting tomes, which you can only get one per day. That’s why, if you want to make profits with EnchantingMark of Bleeding Hollow - Materials as soon as possible, you have to know which recipes to buy first.

Among the recipes sold by Ayada the White (Lunarfall) or Yukla Greenshadow (Frostwall), there are several weapon enchanting recipes. The most profitable of them is Enchant Weapon – Mark of Bleeding Hollow.

One Mark of Bleeding Hollow requires:

  • 15 x Temporal Crystal
  • 10 x Sorcerous Air

Now, you’re probably wondering why is this enchantment more profitable than the others. Simply because it grants a 500 mastery proc which stacks, if used by a dual wielder. Most Assassination Rogues, Feral Combat Druids and Enchantment Shamans. Evidently, both Rogues and Shamans need two of those, therefore, it should be a higher demand for this weapon enchantment than for others.


Both Temporal Crystals and Sorcerous Air are not exactly cheap. You can get some of them via your daily crafts. But in order to get extra Temporal Crystals, it’s a good idea to level up your followers on your Enchanter character to maximum. This way, you will get at least a couple of epic piece of equipment from follower missions, which you can DE into crystals (if you don’t need them, of course).

Sorcerous Air is also pretty expensive. However, at times its price can drop below 10g and that’s the time when you should stock up. However, alchemists can transmute any other Sorcerous element into Air. Therefore, if you have a couple of 10s of Sorcerous Fire, Water or Earth, you can either ask an alchemist to transmute them into Air for you, or transmute them yourself if you have one.

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