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Enchanting Guide – Spellpower Enchantments for Fast Profits


The Enchant Weapon – Spellpower formula isn’t very easy to get, it is farmable though and you can find it at the Auction House, usually for 500g or even less. Not many players pay for it and even less farm it, therefore competition for selling these enchantments shouldn’t be high at AH. If the Crusader Enchantment is the best one for melee Heirloom weapons, Spellpower ... Read More »

Alchemy Guide – How To Make Profits With Earthsiege Diamonds

Alchemy Supplies

Just like the Skyflare Diamonds, these are also used for meta gems. The materials are also cheap. The requirements are:  Requirements: Alchemy skill 430; Transmute: Earthsiege Diamond (from trainer); Philosopher’s Stone. Materials: Eternal Fire x 1 Huge Citrine x 1 Dark Jade x 1 You can buy these for less than 40g usually, and the price for an uncut Skyflare Diamond goes for up to ... Read More »

How To Make Profits With Alchemy – Skyflare Diamonds

Alchemist Crafting

Crafting various items from cheap materials, and selling them, can be profitable. You can make a lot of gold this way with Alchemy, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Tailoring or basically any profession. This post focuses on one of the profitable items from Alchemy: Skyflare Diamonds. Since most alchemists focus on crafting Pandaria meta gems now, or the new WoD gems, usually there’s not too much competition for the WotLK ... Read More »

Blacksmithing – Crafting Eternal Belt Buckles for Profits

Dwarf Smith

Players that reach the 70-80 level range will surely want to upgrade any piece of armor if possible, especially if they play BGs. Eternal Belt Buckles are important gear mods, and only blacksmitsh can do them. Materials for these buckles are cheap, however they can be sold for over 200g a piece. Requirements: Blacksmithing skill 415; Anvil; Blacksmith hammer. The plans are taught by the ... Read More »

Easy Gold With Tailoring – Silver Spellthreads


Silver Spellthreads are awesome caster leg enchantments, for the 50-60 level range. Any caster who wants to level up in battlegrounds needs one of these. However, not many Tailors can craft them because to get the recipe you must Honored with The Aldor faction in Shattrath City. So, if you don’t have it, it’s worth the trouble. It shouldn’t take long to get Honored with ... Read More »

Easy Profits With Crusader Enchantments

Enchant Weapon Crusader

The Crusader Enchantment is and will always be an awesome way to make quick gold if you have an enchanter. That’s why, even if the The Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader costs a couple of thousand gold, it’s a very good investment, so buy it or farm it yourself. Requirements: Enchanting: minimum 300 skill; Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader. Runed Copper Rod Materials: Righteous Orb ... Read More »

Fast Gold with Enchant Weapon – Lifeward


A fast and easy way to make gold with Enchanting is the tanking enchantment – Lifeward. Not many enchanters craft it, and most of the times you won’t find any in AH at all. On the other hand, most players that roll a new character that can have a tank spec, will surely have that tank spec as their secondary one, for leveling up. So, ... Read More »

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