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3 Weapons To Craft And Sell For Transmogrifications

BLacksmithing Transmog Fel Iron Hatchet

Transmogrification equipment is something on high demand nowadays, as almost every player wants their character to look cool. And one of the most visible items that sure bring a lot to the coolness of a character, is the weapon. Unfortunately many blacksmiths whine that there’s nothing valuable for them to craft and that all the Blacksmithing crafts are too expensive. However, they never pay any ... Read More »

Easy Profits With Dark Iron Bars

The Black Forge

Since not many players have or know how to get the skill to smelt Dark Iron and that’s why on most servers there’s a shortage of Dark Iron Bars on the market, most of the time. That means that you can easily create AH monopoly on all Dark Iron Bars on your server, if you have this mining skill. Also, there are many nice pieces of ... Read More »

Profits For Jewelcrafters: Necklace of the Deep

Jewelcrafter Trainer

One of the long forgotten, awesome items that can be crafted by jewelcrafters is Necklace of the Deep. This is quite an excellent piece of equipment for leveling, and will actually serve any Hunter, Rogue, Druid, Enhancement Shammy or Monk very well from level 65 to level 75, or even level 80. It’s an item that can provide you with quite a lot of Agility ... Read More »

Easy Way To Make Gold With Jewelcrafting

Aquamarine Signets

There are many things you can craft to make decent profits as a jewelcrafter. The Aquamarine Signet is one of them, and in this post I’ll say a thing or two on how to make gold by crafting and selling this ring. First of all, this is a very neat ring to have on a level 37-45 character. It’s a great ring to have on ... Read More »

Leatherworking Gold Guide – Profits With Superior Leather

Alliance Leatherworking Trainer

Many players waste a lot of time farming reputation or dungeons for who knows what rare patterns and recipes, to be able to craft neat armor pieces. However, you don’t even need to craft and sell any armor as a leatherworker to make some fat profits. As a leatherworker you can considerably increase the price of various types of leather, simply by crafting superior leather ... Read More »

Engineering Gold Making Guide: The Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Engineering is a profession oriented on cool stuff, but unfortunately most of the cool stuff is either bind-on-pickup, or requires Engineering to use. Some of the crafts that can be obtained with Engineering also cost a lot to craft (the Mechano-Hog for example), and the final products can’t usually be sold for a good profit. There are though many ways to make gold with Engineering. ... Read More »

Enchanting Guide: Awesome Profits With The Mongoose Enchantment

Mongoose Enchantment Scroll

Up until not long ago, the Mongoose enchantment could not be applied on Heirloom weapons, because it had a 35 level requirement. But since in 5.4 the rules regarding item enchantments have changed, Mongoose is once more a weapon enchantment on high demand, and a profitable enchantment to sell. Any Rogue, Shaman or Feral Druid would want this on their Heirloom weapons, as opposed to ... Read More »

Inscription Guide: How To Make Gold With Inks

Inscriptions Trainer

Inks are the raw materials of any scribe. Usually, most scribes will buy herbs and craft their own inks, but when a scribe needs just one or two special glyphs to craft, they will probably buy just the inks they need. Most scribes don’t sell inks, therefore usually there’s not too much competition. So, I thought that an Inscription guide to make some gold will come ... Read More »

Quick Gold With Clefthide Leg Armor Enchantments


TBC leather leg enchantments typically require quite a bit of materials and most of them don’t come cheap. For example, for Cobrahide Leg Armor, you need 4 x Primal Air which cost a lot, over 400g. That’s why not many leatherworkers craft any TBC enchantments, and you won’t find too many in AH these days. However, Clefthide Leg Armor enchantments aren’t that costly to craft, ... Read More »

Leatherworking Guide – Jormungar and Nerubian Leg Armor Enchantments


WotLK leggings enchantments are a quick way to make some gold. However, the best ones are the blue one, usable at level 70. Almost any player who plays BGs will want one to improve their gear. Therefore, the Nerubian and Jormungar Leg Armor enchantments are something to look into. There are a few requirements for crafting these: Requirements: Leatherworking skill 405; Jormungar Leg Armor enchantment ... Read More »

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