Profits For Jewelcrafters: Necklace of the Deep

One of the long forgotten, awesome items that can be crafted by jewelcrafters is Necklace of the Deep. This is quite an excellent piece of equipment for leveling, and will actually serve any Hunter, Rogue, Druid, Enhancement Shammy or Monk very well from level 65 to level 75, or even level 80. It’s an item that can provide you with quite a lot of Agility or Stamina, due to the two sockets it has, an ideal necklace for players that want to have superior gear in lower level battlegrounds. And since almost nobody crafts the Necklace of the Deep, you will basically have all the market to yourself.


  • Jewelcrafting skill 340; Necklace of the Deep Materials
  • Necklace of the Deep pattern (from trainer).


  • Shadow Pearl x 1
  • Jaggal Pearl x 10
  • Mote of Water x 3

Jaggal Pearls are typically cheap. You should be able to find them in AH for 1-2g each, I never buy them if the price for one exceeds 10g or so. On the other hand, Shadow Pearls are quite rare, and if you want to craft this necklace, you will have to keep an eye on the AH for a while, until you find one or two for a decent price. But in general, due to the fact that almost no one needs them, most players end up selling them for 20-30g tops. Mote of Water are also cheap, they commonly go for 3-5g.

These being said, the cost to craft a Necklace of the Deep should not exceed 50-70g. However, the necklace sells for up to 6-700g, especially if you add gems to it.


In case you can’t find Shadow Pearls in AH, or even Jaggal Pearls, you can farm them yourself. They drop from Jaggal Clams, and the best mobs to farm Jaggal Clams from, are the Naga in Zangarmarsh. If you have a level 90 character, you can also easily storm the instances in Coilfang Reservoir. Being elites, the nagas inside those instances have better chances to drop other useful stuff along with pearls.

If you want to add gems to the necklace to increase its value, it’s best to add Delicate Cardinal Rubies, which grant Agility +20. All classes that might be interested in this necklace (the ones mentioned above) get their damage from Agility.

You can buy uncut Cardinal Rubies for Justice Points, from Arcanist Ivrenne (Alliance), Magistrix Lambriesse (Horde) or Harold Winston (Neutral). They cost 220 Justice Points each.

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