Legion Fishing and Cooking Gold Farming Method

Although Fishing is a frowned upon WoW profession, with the arrival of Legion this trade skill can bring you a decent amount of gold, especially in conjunction with Cooking. The gold farming method that we’re going to put into view here involves both these secondary professions.


  • Minimum level 100;
  • Fishing skill 1;
  • Cooking skill 700;
  • Recipe: Fighter Chow acquired;

In case you don’t have this recipe already (if you’ve leveled in Azsuna, you should probably have it), you need to acquire it first. It is a reward from the quest Morale Booster. This quest is part of a quest chain that starts with an item called Okuna’s Message. This item is dropped by the murlocs at El’dranil’s Shallows (50,32), NW from Nar’Thalas Academy.

Where to go:

Teleport to the new Dalaran, and fly to Azsuna, at Felblaze Ingress (64,28), in the area called Farondale.

Azsuna - Farondale Map Location

What to do:

You’ll be fishing for Cursed Queenfish at the two small ponds in Farondale. However, there’s only one Cursed Queenfish school that can spawn in each pond, so you’ll have to hop servers, in order to benefit from a school of fish all the time. Also, it’s quite important to fish in the schools of fish, otherwise you’ll get Silver Mackerel, which are not so valuable.

Now, a batch of Fighter Chow requires 5x Cursed Queenfish. Thus, it’s best to catch a number of fish which is a multiple of 5.

Farondale pic

Once in a while, you’ll also get a Rusty Queenfish Brooch. If you use this item, you’ll get a buff that lasts 5 minutes, buff that allows you to see Ghostly Queenfish schools. These don’t deplete as you fish in them, giving you the possibility to continue to catch Ghostly Queenfish for the duration of the buff given by the brooch. Evidently, in one of these two ponds, there’s a school of Ghostly Queenfish, and if you get the brooch, you have the chance to get at least 15 for the duration of the buff.

Now, the Ghostly Queenfish are soulbound, and can only be used (for now) in Alchemy – Transmute: Fish to Gems. Therefore, it’s best to come and fish here with a character that also has Alchemy.

Once you’re done fishing, teleport to Dalaran, go to your faction’s inn and purchase Royal Olives from Bradford Duncan (Alliance) or Misensi (Horde). Then proceed to turn your Cursed Queenfish into Fighter Chows.

At rank 1, the recipe will grant you 5x Fighter Chow from 5 fish, but as you will upgrade the recipe, you’ll get 10.


After one hour of fishing at Farondale, I’ve got:Cursed Queenfish Loot

Cursed Queenfish x 140
Ghostly Queenfish x 45

By Cooking the Cursed Queenfish with the recipe at Rank 1, I’ve got:

Fighter Chow x 140 = 60g / each = 8,400g


Fighter Chow is a food that grants 1,000% regen while out of combat, which is quite great for leveling, especially if your class doesn’t have heal. So, considering that almost everyone has at least 5-6 characters to level, this type of food will be on demand for at least one or two months. For now, it sells for 50-60g per piece, and most people sell them in stacks of 5, for 250-300g / stack. It’s price will probably drop in the next few weeks.

If you get your recipe at Rank 3, you’ll get 10 chows from 5 fish, which needless to say will double your profits.

If you don’t like fishing, you can simply buy the fish from AH. On a high-pop server, you should find them for 5-6g each, which is still extremely profitable.

In case you didn’t know, server hopping has changed a little bit in 7.0.3. Therefore, in order to be able to change servers via premade groups, you need to join a group that has at least one member in your zone, in order to phase into their version of the zone. Differently put, to benefit from Cursed Queenfish schools continuously, it’s best to join raid groups for Sea King Tidross, Brogozog, or any group listed in the Premade Groups with at least one member in Azsuna.

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