Leatherworking Guide – Jormungar and Nerubian Leg Armor Enchantments

WotLK leggings enchantments are a quick way to make some gold. However, the best ones are the blue one, usable at level 70. Almost any player who plays BGs will want one to improve their gear. Therefore, the Nerubian and Jormungar Leg Armor enchantments are something to look into.

There are a few requirements for crafting these:


  • Leatherworking skill 405;
  • Jormungar Leg Armor enchantment (from trainer)
  • Nerubian Leg Armor enchantment (from trainer)

Normally, the materials for any of these two enchantments are cheap.


Jormungar Leg Armor

  • Heavy Borean Leather x 3
  • Jormungar Scales x 12

Nerubian Leg Armor

  • Heavy Borean Leather x 4
  • Nerubian Chitin x 1

Leatherworking Guide - Leg Armor Enchantments
Now, these materials are normally cheap, the cost should never exceed 100g, sometimes you’ll find them even cheaper than 50g. However, both enchantments can be sold for over 350-400g. Typically, the most expensive of the materials is the Heavy Borean Leather, so to cut costs you can even farm it yourself, or see the prices for Borean Leather. It may be cheaper to buy Borean Leather and craft the Heavy Borean Leather yourself. Also, you’ll find a good spot for Borean Leather pointed out here.

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