How To Make Profits With Alchemy – Skyflare Diamonds

Crafting various items from cheap materials, and selling them, can be profitable. You can make a lot of gold this way with Alchemy, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Tailoring or basically any profession. This post focuses on one of the profitable items from Alchemy: Skyflare Diamonds.

Since most alchemists focus on crafting Pandaria meta gems now, or the new WoD gems, usually there’s not too much competition for the WotLK ones. In fact, most of the times there’s a shortage of WotLK meta gems. However, these are excellent for the Brutal PvP gear that most players buy to have fun leveling from 70 to 80 in battlegrounds. So, Skyflare Diamonds are not a bad choice to craft and sell for profits, if you have an alchemist.

Requirements:  How To Make Profits With Alchemy

  • Alchemy skill 430;
  • Transmute: Skyflare Diamond (from trainer).
  • Philosopher’s Stone

To craft a Skyflare Diamond you need:


  • Eternal Air x 1
  • Chalcedony x 1
  • Bloodstone x 1

The materials for a Skyflare Diamond aren’t very expensive, and you can sell one for over 5 times the costs. You can buy these for less than 40g usually, and the price for an uncut Skyflare Diamond goes for up to 250g or more.

Also, if you’re a transmuter, there’s a good chance you may get 2-3 diamonds per transmute, so it’s a good idea to craft a few every time, not just one.

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