How To Increase the Price of Your Mageweave Cloth

If you’ve been farming Mageweave Cloth, or simply if you’ve purchased a large quantity in order to flip it for a higher price, there are a couple of AH tricks to pull, in order to increase its price. The trick that I’m going to describe here, requires Tailoring though.


  • Tailoring skill minimum 235;
  • Black Mageweave armor set, learned from the Tailoring Trainer.

Now, you may have guessed, this method requires you to turn your Mageweave Cloth into Mageweave Bolts, and craft Black Mageweave Headbands, Black Mageweave Leggings, Black Mageweave Boots and basically 3-4 pieces of any other Black Mageweave piece of armor.


Each piece requires 2-3 Bolts of Mageweave cloth, and 2-3 Heavy Silken Threads or Silken Threads, which cost under 1g. The Black Mageweave Boots also require Thick Leather x 2 per each pair of boots, which shouldn’t be too expensive at AH. These being said, the cost of one piece of Black Mageweave armor shouldn’t cost more 10g or so, given a price of 15-20g for a stack of Mageweave Cloth. However, each piece of armor can be sold for up to 200g, depending on supply and demand at AH.

Black Mageweave Armor Set Materials

Due to the fact that the Black Mageweave Leggings are quite revealing, sometimes the price for one pair can exceed 4-500g. The whole Black Mageweave armor set looks quite nice as well, and many players use it as transmogrification gear.

Blood Elf Girl Wearing Black Mageweave Armor


It’s always a good idea to craft these set armor pieces when there aren’t many others in AH. Not many look on their list of low level gear when it comes to crafting. Also, not many players farm Mageweave Cloth nowadays.

There’s also a Red Mageweave set, but those pieces of armor don’t look as cool as the black ones. The recipes though are drops, so not many players have them. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to get the patterns for the Red Mageweave armor set (they’re cheap), and also check the prices of these armor pieces, if you’re at it. Prices may be higher, or there may be none at AH, which can give you complete power over their price.

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