Engineering Gold Making Guide: The Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Engineering is a profession oriented on cool stuff, but unfortunately most of the cool stuff is either bind-on-pickup, or requires Engineering to use. Some of the crafts that can be obtained with Engineering also cost a lot to craft (the Mechano-Hog for example), and the final products can’t usually be sold for a good profit.

There are though many ways to make gold with Engineering. Crafting and selling expensive battle pets is one of them. And on the list of pets that not many engineers craft, stands the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. Here’s a short guide on how to learn the schematic and how to make profits with it.


  • Engineering skill 260;
  • Minimum level 55.

There is no schematic for this pet. To learn how to craft it, you actually have to complete the quest chain “Are We There, Yeti?” given by Umi Rumplesnicker at Everlook, in Winterspring. The last quest in the chain is called “A Yeti of Your Own“, and once you complete this quest you automatically learn how to craft the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, as long as you have 250 skill in Engineering. Also, you have to be minimum level 55 to be able to take this quest.

Note that even though you only need 250 Engineering skill to craft this pet, you actually need 260 skill to be able to craft some of the components, in case you don’t want to buy them from AH, or they’re not available in AH.

Materials: Tranquil Mechanical Yeti Materials

  • Cured Rugged Hide x 1
  • Thorium Widget x 4
  • Globe of Water x 2
  • Truesilver Transformer x 2
  • Gold Power Core x 1

Now, Thorium Widgets, Truesilver Transformers and Gold Power Cores, you should be able to craft yourself as an engineer, if you can’t find any at AH. Cured Rugged Hides require Leatherworking, so if you happen to not find any in AH, you should ask a leatherworker make one for you. A good place to farm Globes of Water is Golaka Cold Springs in Un’Goro Crater, from the Steaming Fury water elementals there, that of course, if there aren’t any Globes of Water in AH.

All these materials are rather cheap, you shouldn’t have to pay more than 60-70g for all of them.

A Tranquil Mechanical Yeti normally sells for 5-600g, because not many bother to get the recipe, not many bother acquiring all the materials (as some may not always be found in AH), and lastly because it’s quite a powerful battle pet. On top of that, if you upgrade the yeti with a Flawless Mechanical Battle-Stone, or Marked Flawless Battle-Stone, its price can go up to 1500g.

Therefore, you can earn 1500g with an investment of 60-70g and maybe 5-10 minutes played. Even more, you can choose to level up the upgraded yeti, put it in a cage at level 25 (maxim) and then sell it. This way, the price can go up to 4000g. Of course, taking a pet to level 25 may take one or two hours.

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