Enchanting Guide – Spellpower Enchantments for Fast Profits

The Enchant Weapon – Spellpower formula isn’t very easy to get, it is farmable though and you can find it at the Auction House, usually for 500g or even less. Not many players pay for it and even less farm it, therefore competition for selling these enchantments shouldn’t be high at AH.

If the Crusader Enchantment is the best one for melee Heirloom weapons, Spellpower is the best one for caster weapons, and it will serve you well up to level 70 or higher.

To craft this you’ll need:

Requirements: Enchanting Guide - Enchanting Spellpower Mats

  • Enchanting skill 300;
  • Formula: Enchant Weapon – Spellpower (drops in Molten Core);
  • Runed Copper Rod.

The materials aren’t too cheap, if you buy them all, you’ll spend somewhere around 200g, but the enchantment sells for up to 7-800g.

To craft this enchant you’ll be needing:


  • Golden Pearl x 2
  • Greater Eternal Essence x 6
  • Large Brilliant Shard x 4

Golden Pearls drop from the Big-Mouth Clams, dropped by the 50-60 level Naga mobs. Best spot for these is eastern Blasted Lands. These pearls aren’t very cheap, and if you find a few for 20-30g each, buy them a.s.a.p. Large Brilliant Shards you can farm in Blackrock Spire and along with the blue BoP items you’ll get plenty of greens and you’ll obtain at least a couple of essences as well.

In case pearls go for 3-400g, you should farm some yourself, to sell. I normally buy them when they’re cheap, prices fluctuate.

The Formula: Enchant Weapon – Spellpower can randomly drop from any boss in Molten Core. With a level 85 character, you should be able to solo at least half the bosses in there to get it. You can also get the Formula: Enchant Weapon – Healing Power which grants only 29 spellpower instead of 30, but it’s very useful as well.

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