Easy Way To Make Gold With Jewelcrafting

There are many things you can craft to make decent profits as a jewelcrafter. The Aquamarine Signet is one of them, and in this post I’ll say a thing or two on how to make gold by crafting and selling this ring.

Aquamarine Signet MaterialsFirst of all, this is a very neat ring to have on a level 37-45 character. It’s a great ring to have on a twink character, or to simply to improve your stats as you level up from 37 to 45+. It’s actually one of the best rings in the game within this level range.


  • Minimum Jewelcrafting skill level 210;
  • Design: Aquamarine Signet (learned from the JC trainer).


To make an Aquamarine Signet, you need:

  • Aquamarine x 3
  • Jewelcrafter’s Setting x 1

Now,  Aquamarines can sometimes be rather expensive, one can reach 30-40g. However, especially during the middle of the week you can find Aquamarine in AH for 1-2g. Needless to say, this is the time to stash up on these gems.

Jeweler’s Settings are sold by any Jewelcrafting Supplies merchant, NPCs which can be found typically near any JC trainer.

Aquamarine Signets come with a random enchantment. There are 19 types:

Type: Enchantment:
… of the Eagle (7-8) Intellect, (7-8) Stamina
… of the Boar (7-8) Spirit, (7-8) Strength
… of the Falcon (7-8) Agility, (7-8) Intellect
… of the Gorilla (7-8) Strength, (7-8) Intellect
… of the Monkey (7-8) Agility, (7-8) Stamina
… of the Owl (7-8) Intellect, (7-8) Spirit
… of the Tiger (7-8) Agility, (7-8) Hit Rating
… of the Whale (7-8) Stamina, (7-8) Spirit
… of the Wolf (7-8) Agility, (7-8) Spirit
… of the Bear (7-8) Stamina, (7-8) Strength
… of Agility 11 Agility
… of Strength 11 Strength
… of Intellect 11 Intellect
… of Spirit 11 Spirit
… of Stamina 11 Stamina
… of Eluding (5-6) Agility, +12 Dodge Rating
… of Regeneration +3 Health every 5 seconds
… of Fire Resistance +15 Fire Resistance
… of Concentration + 4 Mana every 5 seconds

Not all of these are extremely valuable, however you can sell any type of Aquamarine Signet that you will get for at least double money of the materials. The Aquamarine Signets of the Tiger, Monkey, Eagle, of Agility, of Intellect, of Strength and of the Whale can be sold for up to 200-250g.

The design for the Aquamarine Ring is taught by the Jewelcrafter Trainers.

On my last Aquamarine Signet crafting session, I bought 21 Aquamarines – enough for 7 rings, spent about 65g, and obtained among others, 2 x Aquamarine Signet of the Bear, and one Aquamarine Signet of the Tiger, which I was able to sell for 550g.


If there aren’t any Aquamarine gems for sale at AH and you would still like to craft some rings, the best prospecting rate for Aquamarines is given by Mithril Ore. Even though Aquamarines can be obtained by prospecting Iron Ore, Mithril has by far a better drop rate for Aquamarine. So, if you can find Mithril Ore auctioned for low prices, you can buy a couple of stacks, prospect them, and get your Aquamarines. Or, gather the Mithril yourself.

You will be needing 175 skill in Jewelcrafting in order to be able to prospect Mithril Ore.

Just to make an idea on the Aquamarine drop rate from when prospecting Mithril, I got 9, from 5 stacks of Mithril Ore.

You might as well check out the prices of the available Aquamarine Signets in AH from time to time. Many players craft these rings just to increase their Jewelcrafting skill level, and sell the expensive ones (… of the Bear, of the Tiger etc) for 10g or so. Of course, you can buy them and re-sell them for high profits.

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