Easy Profits With Dark Iron Bars

Since not many players have or know how to get the skill to smelt Dark Iron and that’s why on most servers there’s a shortage of Dark Iron Bars on the market, most of the time. That means that you can easily create AH monopoly on all Dark Iron Bars on your server, if you have this mining skill. Also, there are many nice pieces of 50-59 twink gear items that can be crafted with this metal, including the Dark Iron Pulverizer (hammer) which has an awesome 8 sec. stun proc. That’s why every time I roll a miner, I go to BRD and finish this quest chain, because usually, a stack of 20 Dark Iron Bars sells for 1500g+.


  • Minimum level 70;
  • Mining: minimum 230 skill;
  • A full Mammoth Mining Bag of Dark Iron Ore.

Where to go:

If you play Horde, teleport to Undercity, then fly to Thorium Point (35,31) in Searing Gorge. From there, go South to Blackrock Mountain (35,85), enter Blackrock Mountain, cross the chains, go all over the way down and enter Blackrock Depths.

If you play Alliance, teleport to Stormwind City, then fly to Thorium Point (35,31) in Searing Gorge. From there, go South to Blackrock Mountain (35,85), enter Blackrock Mountain, cross the chains, go all over the way down and enter Blackrock Depths.

Profits With Dark Iron Bars Map

What to do: Dark Iron Ore Bag

Before going to BRD, get at least 1 Mammoth Mining Bag filled up with Dark Iron Ore, then go inside Blackrock Depths, to the Black Forge, smelt them all and sell the bars.

Normally, I don’t gather the Dark Iron Ore myself, I usually buy it from AH for a few gold per stack. Never pay more than 20-30g for a stack of Dark Iron Ore! It’s usually this cheap because you can’t do anything with it unless it’s turned into bars. Since very few players can smelt it, the price for the ore stays low. So, I buy 1-2 stacks of Dark Iron whenever it’s cheap, until I have 1 FULL Mammoth Mining Bag.

32 stacks of Dark Iron Ore = 640 x Dark Iron Ore = 80 x Dark Iron Bar = 4 stacks of Dark Iron Bars

As I said, a stack of Dark Iron Bars sells for over 1500g on most servers.

32 Dark Iron Ore stacks = 30g/stack = 960g
4 Dark Iron Bar stacks = 6000g+
Profit: 5000g+ 


Walkthrough for the Smelt Dark Iron Ore Skill

Here’s a short walkthrough for obtaining the Smelt Dark Iron Ore Mining skill.

1. Go to the Auction House and buy:

Star Ruby x 2
Gold Bar x 20
Truesilver Bar x 10

2. Go to Blackrock Depths in Searing Gorge.
3. Enter Blackrock Depths.
4. Click on the Mole Machine (the drilling, bullet-like thingie), inside Blackrock Depths, just by the entrance, and choose the option “take me just past the Grim Guzzler”. You will be teleported at Shadowforge City.

Mole Machine in BRD

5. At Shadowforge City, take a few steps west from the place where you get teleported, and go downstairs at the Chamber of Enchantment.
6. Pass by Ambassador Flamelash’s chamber (kill him if you want), and go further downstairs at the Mold Foundry.
7. From the Mold Floundry go further down, at the Summoners’ Tomb.

8. At Summoners’ Tomb, speak with Gloom’rel, and choose the option “Gloom’rel, tell me your secrets!”.

9. A Spectral Chalice will pop up near Gloom’rel. The chalice will give you a quest. Click on the Spectral Chalice and accept the quest “Spectral Chalice”. It will require your 2 Star Rubies, 20 Gold Bars, and 10 Truesilver Bars.
10. Complete the quest “The Spectral Chalice“.
11. Speak once more with Gloom’rel and choose the option “I have paid your price, Gloom’rel. Now teach me your secrets!” Gloom’rel will teach you the skill Smelt Dark Iron.

Now, basically this is what you need to do, to learn how to smelt Dark Iron. However, in order to smelt your Dark Iron, you also need access to the Black Forge. Therefore, if you’re here, proceed on doing the event at the Summoners’ Tomb.

12. Speak with Doom’rel and choose “Your bondage is at an end, Doom’rel. I challenge you!”
13. Defeat all the “‘rels” one by one as they attack you.
14. Once you finish with them, the door to The Lyceum will open. Follow the path southeast towards the Molten Core entrance, stop the Black Forge and smelt your Dark Iron.

Dark Iron Bars- The Black Forge

So finally, once you’ve learned the Smelt Dark Iron skill, every time you will want to smelt some Dark Iron, you need to teleport to BRD, do the Summoners’ Tomb event, to open the door and gain access to the Black Forge.

You may consider selling the bars 1 by 1 instead of stack by stack, because not all players would want to buy a full stack. This way you can also boost the price.

Don’t expect for all the bars to sell over night. Even though not many craft them, not many players craft or need Dark Iron gear either. But when they do, they will surely buy at least a few bars, to get the gear they want.

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