Easy Profits With Crusader Enchantments

The Crusader Enchantment is and will always be an awesome way to make quick gold if you have an enchanter. That’s why, even if the The Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader costs a couple of thousand gold, it’s a very good investment, so buy it or farm it yourself.

Enchanting Crusader MatsRequirements:

  • Enchanting: minimum 300 skill;
  • Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader.
  • Runed Copper Rod


  • Righteous Orb x 2
  • Large Brilliant Shard x 4

Now, these materials are not very expensive. Sometimes you can find Righteous Orbs for less than 10g each, and the Large Brilliant Shards normally don’t exceed 20g per one. A Crusader enchantment sells for at least 300g on most servers.

Typically, with an investment of 100g tops, you can make a 200-300g profit. Plus, the Crusader enchantments usually sell like hot cakes. They are the best enchantments for melee Heirloom weapons, and all players that roll a Warrior, Rogue or Shammy twink, will buy them.

As a general idea, the prices for Righteous Orbs and Large Brilliant Shards go down in weekends. At times, I found orbs for 1g each, while the enchants were still 450g. A lot of profit there.

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