Easy Gold With Tailoring – Silver Spellthreads

Silver Spellthreads are awesome caster leg enchantments, for the 50-60 level range. Any caster who wants to level up in battlegrounds needs one of these. However, not many Tailors can craft them because to get the recipe you must Honored with The Aldor faction in Shattrath City. So, if you don’t have it, it’s worth the trouble. It shouldn’t take long to get Honored with the Aldor.

Requirements:Tailoring Silver Spellthread

  • Tailoring skill 335;
  • Pattern: Silver Spellthread;

As I said, you need to become Honored with the Aldor to get this. The pattern is sold by Quartermaster Endarin (48,26) in Shattrath City (Terokkar Forest).


  • Primal Life x 5;
  • Rune Thread x 1;

Rune Threads are sold by any Tailoring Supplies merchant. Primal live are quite cheap, normally 5-10g per piece. So, basically you won’t pay more than 50g per one spellthread. They usually sell for 3-400g on most servers, since not many people have the recipe, and even those who have it don’t craft it too often.

On the other hand, if you’re Honored with The¬†Scryers rather than the Aldor, you can craft Mystic Spellthreads, which provide the same mod, 25 spellpower, 15 stamina. However, you need Primal Mana x 5, rather than Primal Life, and Primal Mana sometimes can cost 150-160g / piece.

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