Blacksmithing – Crafting Eternal Belt Buckles for Profits

Players that reach the 70-80 level range will surely want to upgrade any piece of armor if possible, especially if they play BGs. Eternal Belt Buckles are important gear mods, and only blacksmitsh can do them. Materials for these buckles are cheap, however they can be sold for over 200g a piece.

Requirements:Blacksmithing Eternal Belt Buckle

  • Blacksmithing skill 415;
  • Anvil;
  • Blacksmith hammer.

The plans are taught by the Blacksmithing trainers.

To craft an Eternal Belt Buckle you need:


  • Saronite Bar x 4
  • Eternal Earth x 1
  • Eternal Water x 1
  • Eternal Shadow x 1

Normally, you should be able to find all these materials in AH because they’re pretty common, priced under 5g each.

So, the cost of an Eternal Belt Buckle should be less than 50g. They sell pretty well for 200g+.


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