Enchanting Guide: Awesome Profits With The Mongoose Enchantment

Up until not long ago, the Mongoose enchantment could not be applied on Heirloom weapons, because it had a 35 level requirement. But since in 5.4 the rules regarding item enchantments have changed, Mongoose is once more a weapon enchantment on high demand, and a profitable enchantment to sell. Any Rogue, Shaman or Feral Druid would want this on their Heirloom weapons, as opposed to the Crusader one, even though the Crusader is still cool, as it provides you with some healing too.

Here’s a short guide on making gold with this enchantment, how to obtain the formula and what materials are needed.


  • Enchanting skill 375;
  • Formula: Enchant Weapon – Mongoose

Unfortunately the formula is bind-on-pickup (at least for now), so if you want it, you must farm it for yourself. It is dropped by Moroes, the gatekeeper of Karazhan. He can be found inside the Banquet Hall, near the main entrance. He’s quite easy to kill, even with a level 80 character.


Enchanting Mongoose Materials

  • Void Crystal x 6
  • Greater Planar Essence x 8
  • Large Prismatic Shard x 10
  • Arcane Dust x 40

Now, as you can see, Enchant Weapon – Mongoose requires quite a bunch of materials, and the most expensive of them are the Arcane Dust, which can reach 200g/stack, and the essences, which can go up to 25g each. Evidently, you must buy these when they’re on their lowest prices.

For example, I never buy Arcane Dust when it’s over 70-80g per stack, and the Greater Planar Essences can drop to 5g each or even less, since Garrison buildings such as the Salvage Yard provide players with lower level materials, without them even having professions. The shards are quite cheap nowadays, you can get them for 1-2g each.

To put it differently, I usually craft a Mongoose enchantment with a cost of maximum 250g, and sell it for minimum 550-600g. Due to the fact that Mongoose requires a rather big amount of materials, not many players craft it, therefore competition is normally not very high.

Sometimes you can sell a Mongoose enchant for up to 900g, or even more, depending on server.

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  1. Thanks a lot, just tried this. Didn’t have the formula, so had to kill that Moroes guy first. It has a 100% droprate if you are above 375 enchanting, acording to others on wowhead and I also did get it in first kill. Can recommend keep clearing as much as you can of Karazhan, because the run gave me almost all the mats needed for 1 enchant. Some mats more than others, I got like enough void crystals for 4 enchants now.

    Anyways, I got 998G for mine and it sold in under 12 hours, I’m on a “Full” EU server. Gonna keep milking this until the word gets out 😛 Thanks again

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