Alchemy Profits: Living Action Potions

Living Action Potions are some of the awesomest potions to use in battlegrounds, especially if it’s a BG involving flag stealing. The use of a Living Action Potion acts as a PVP tinket, removing all the stuns and movement impairing effects, also giving you immunity to stun and movement impairing effects for the next 3 seconds. That’s just enough time for a flag carrier to escape the enemies chasing them.

So, how to make profits with these potions? Pretty much simple.

Requirements:Living Action Potion Materials

  • Alchemy skill 285;
  • The Recipe: Living Action Potion – sold by Evie Whirlbrew at Everlook (59,50), in Winterspring.


To craft a Living Action Potion, you need:

  • Icecap x 2;
  • Mountain Silversage x 1;
  • Crystal Vial x 1.

Now, a stack of Icecap is typically 10-15g. To craft a full stack of Living Action Potions, you’ll need two stacks. That’s 30g. Mountain Silversage, is usually 15-20g a stack. Crystal Vials have pretty much insignificant value, a stack being 3s. These being said, the cost of a full stack of Living Action Potions should be around 50g tops.

The average price of one Living Action Potion is 30g, but sometimes they go for 50g as well.

So, in conclusion, with an investment of 50g, you will get 600g worth of potions, resulting in a 550g profit.


In case you can’t find Icecap herbs in the AH, Winterspring is the best zone to gather them, the only zone where you can find it, I believe. About 15 minutes of herb gathering there should get you at least 3-4 stacks. Mountain Silversage is a bit more difficult to gather than Icecap. You can find it in level 50-60 zones, on rocky cliffs. It can also be found in Winterspring. Also, Un’Goro Crater, Silithus or Blasted Lands are good places to gather Mountain Silversage.

If you go to Winterspring to buy the Recipe: Living Action Potion, you might as well buy a couple more and sell them in AH. It costs 4g 70s, but you can sell one in AH for up to 100g. Evie Whirlbrew also sells 2 Living Action Potions for 24s each, so you might get those too, to sell them in AH for 30-40g.

Another potion similar to the Living Action Potion, is the Free Action Potion, only the second one does not remove stuns and movement impairing effect. The materials for Free Action Potions are more expensive though.

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