Alchemy Guide – How To Make Profits With Earthsiege Diamonds

Just like the Skyflare Diamonds, these are also used for meta gems. The materials are also cheap. The requirements are: Alchemy Guide - Earthsiege Diamond


  • Alchemy skill 430;
  • Transmute: Earthsiege Diamond (from trainer);
  • Philosopher’s Stone.


  • Eternal Fire x 1
  • Huge Citrine x 1
  • Dark Jade x 1

You can buy these for less than 40g usually, and the price for an uncut Skyflare Diamond goes for up to 200g.

In general, both Earthsiege Diamonds and Skyflare Diamonds sell best one or two months before a patch or expansion, when players get bored, roll new characters or play their BG twinks. But typically, there’s always a small demand for these. Since not many alchemists craft them, prices remain rather high.

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