3 Weapons To Craft And Sell For Transmogrifications

Transmogrification equipment is something on high demand nowadays, as almost every player wants their character to look cool. And one of the most visible items that sure bring a lot to the coolness of a character, is the weapon. Unfortunately many blacksmiths whine that there’s nothing valuable for them to craft and that all the Blacksmithing crafts are too expensive. However, they never pay any attention to the seemingly crappy, green weapons that they can craft. There are many green weapons with a cool aspect, especially when enchanted, that cost very little to craft, and they can be sold for nice profits. Here are 3 weapons to look at.

Adamantite Rapier


  • Blacksmithing skill 335;
  • Plans: Adamantite Rapier.

The Plans: Adamantite Rapier are sold by various merchants in the game. You can buy it from Aaron Hollman, the Blacksmithing Supplies vendor in Shattrath City.


  • Adamantite Bar x 12.

Now, this rapier can easily be sold for 5-600g, but the materials, the 12 Adamantite Bars, should never go over 100g. This rapier, even without an enchantment, does complete the pirate look perfectly.

Adamantite Rapier Mats Adamantite Rapier

Fel Iron Hatchet


  • Blacksmithing skill 310;
  • Plans: Fel Iron Hatchet – learned from any Blacksmithing Trainer.


  • Fel Iron Bar x 9

This small hand-axe, with red engravings on the blade can sure complete the hordish look on a character. It looks best on orcs and goblins. However, it’s available to Alliance as well. The materials for this axe shouldn’t normally exceed 75-80g, and its average price is 350-400g.

Fel Iron Axe Fel Iron Axe Mats

Bronze Warhammer


  • Blacksmithing skill 125;
  • Plans: Bronze Warhammer – learned from any Blacksmithing Trainer.


  • Bronze Bar x 8
  • Medium Leather x 1
  • Strong Flux x 1

This is a nice 2-handed hammer for a Paladin to wear. The orange color and the dwarf engraving complete the “warrior-of-light” image of a Paladin quite nicely. The materials for this hammer shouldn’t normally exceed 30-40g, and the hammer goes for 3-400g.

Bronze Warhammer Bronze Warhammer Mats

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