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Legion Fishing and Cooking Gold Farming Method

Farondale pic

Although Fishing is a frowned upon WoW profession, with the arrival of Legion this trade skill can bring you a decent amount of gold, especially in conjunction with Cooking. The gold farming method that we’re going to put into view here involves both these secondary professions. Requirements: Minimum level 100; Fishing skill 1; Cooking skill 700; Recipe: Fighter Chow acquired; In case you don’t have ... Read More »

Profits With Draenor Enchanting


Enchanting has always been a profitable profession. There are many Enchanting formulas of different levels to be gathered, which can bring you a lot of gold. However, when it comes to the Draenor enchanting formulas, all of them are sold by the enchanter NPC at your Enchanter’s Study, in your Garrison. It’s a matter of time though, until you will be able to purchase all ... Read More »

Crafting: Profits with MoP Weapon Enchantments

Rushi the Fox - Shado-Pan Quartermaster

Enchanting was, is and will always be a profitable WoW profession, as long as you know what item enchantments to craft and sell. Nowadays, since everyone is playing at level 100, in Draenor, the prices for MoP enchanting materials have dropped. However, the price for many Pandaria enchantments continues to remain pretty high. So, if you have a level 600+ enchanter, here are two enchantments ... Read More »

WoD Profits With Blacksmithing


Warlords of Draenor has made Blacksmithing a very profitable profession, giving blacksmiths a wide array of weapons and armor to craft and sell for a lot of profits. The only downside of it, is that most Blacksmithing craftable items require Truesteel Ingots, which are difficult to get at a rate higher than 22 per day. But even so, every five days, you can craft something ... Read More »

WoD: How to Make Gold with the Garrison Gem Boutique

Gem Boutique - Horde

Although you don’t need Jewelcrafting on a character to build a Gem Boutique in your Garrison, having this profession will allow you to make a few hundred gold daily, without too much of an effort. So, how to make gold with a Gem Boutique. First of all, to build a Gem Boutique, you will need the Garrison Blueprint: Gem Boutique, Level 1. This blueprint unlocks ... Read More »

Alchemy Profits: Primal Might

Blood Elf Girl Alchemist

Primal Might is a crafting material required for over 40 items, and even though the days of the Burning Crusade are long gone, there still is a demand for it. Many players want old TBC items as transmog gear, such as Dirge, Felsteel Longblade, Hammer of Righteous Might, or Hard Khorium Goggles. They all require Primal Might, and this reagent isn’t quite easy to get. ... Read More »

Tailoring: Profits With Otherworldly Bags


Almost any tailor in WoW will craft and sell Frostweave Bags or Embersilk Bags as main source of income. However, diversifying your offer is always profitable. So, by crafting and selling Otherworldly Bags, you can get quite some decent profits.  Requirements: Tailoring skill 480; The Pattern: Otherworldly Bag – taught by your Tailoring Trainer Materials: Bolt of Embersilk Cloth x 9 Hypnotic Dust x 8 ... Read More »

How To Increase the Price of Your Mageweave Cloth

Black Mageweave Armor Set

If you’ve been farming Mageweave Cloth, or simply if you’ve purchased a large quantity in order to flip it for a higher price, there are a couple of AH tricks to pull, in order to increase its price. The trick that I’m going to describe here, requires Tailoring though. Requirements: Tailoring skill minimum 235; Black Mageweave armor set, learned from the Tailoring Trainer. Now, you ... Read More »

Alchemy Profits: Living Action Potions

Undead Crafting Alchemy Potions

Living Action Potions are some of the awesomest potions to use in battlegrounds, especially if it’s a BG involving flag stealing. The use of a Living Action Potion acts as a PVP tinket, removing all the stuns and movement impairing effects, also giving you immunity to stun and movement impairing effects for the next 3 seconds. That’s just enough time for a flag carrier to ... Read More »

Profits with Titansteel Bars

Crafting Titansteel Bars

Titansteel Bars are materials required for about 40 World of Warcraft items, such as the Mechano-Hog or Mekgineer’s Chopper, Jeeves, and various pieces of armor. Needless to say, there will always be a demand for these, even though players don’t need them as much as back in the days of WotLK. Now, even though you won’t gain a lot of profit by crafting and selling ... Read More »

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