A 100% Safe Way To Transfer Gold From Server To Server

Many players get scammed every day, trying to transfer gold from their main server, to any other server where they need it. But that’s mainly because they use the most unsafe method: direct dual log gold transfer from character to character.

The Wrong Way to Transfer Gold

Needless to say, if you find a player on a different server, and you begin transferring gold in specific amounts, one trade at the time, at one point that player may log off and scam you from your last gold transfer. Even if you report them, there’s little chance of getting your gold back. Also, it may take quite some time to find a player that really needs gold on your server, and has gold on the server where you want it.

Now, there’s a 100% safe way to transfer gold from a server to another, even if it’s from Horde to Alliance or viceversa. There are two main words for it: Battle Pets. You may already know what I’m talking about, but I’m still going to proceed and describe this safe gold transferring method. So, here’s what you should do.

What to do:

1. Create a character on the sever where you want gold, and take it to the Auction House.

2. Browse the Auction House (on the server where you need gold) for battle pets, to see which ones sell for the highest amounts of gold. Or, search to see which expensive pets are completely missing from the Auction House on that server. If you already have some of those pets, which you don’t really need, put them in cages, and list them in AH on the server where you need gold. Evidently, since battle pets are usable account-wide, you will be able to cage them from your list, with any character on any server, whether if it’s on Alliance or Horde.

3. If you don’t already have any pets that you want to sell, logout from the server where you need gold, and login to your main character, on the server where you do have gold.

4. Purchase some of the expensive pets on your main server.

5. Learn all those pets, with your main character.

6. Logout your main character, and log back in with the low lvl character, on the server where you want money.

7. Once again, open your battle pet tab, cage the pets that you just bought and learned with your main character, and auction them on the new server. Or, broadcast that you sell them on the main trade chat. This way you may find a buyer more quickly.

Putting Pets in Cages


Before doing this, it’s best to do some research and find out about the pets that can be sold for high prices, in general.

Of course, don’t expect the pets that you’ve auctioned to sell right away. Sometimes it may take days. Also, you may even have to cut off some of the price, in order to sell them.

Pets acquired during events are typically a good call, as you can purchase them for lower prices, during the time of the event they can be acquired, then sell them after several months, on whichever server you need gold. A few of the expensive event pets, are the ones from Midsummer Festival and Children’s Week.

This method may not work so well, if you need gold on a low-pop server, or on a newly released server. Most players always focus on gearing up first, and on servers where gold is rather difficult to acquire, they may not be too interested on spending much on battle pets.

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