WoW Gold Profits With Hallow’s End Battle Pets

Feline Familiar Battle Pet

The battle pets system released with Mists of Pandaria has opened a wide array of possibilities to make gold in WoW. That’s because there’s huge number of pets in the game, and of course, the rare ones sell for high prices.

In the category of rare pets can be numbered the ones obtainable during WoW events and holidays, such as Day of the Dead, Midsummer Fire Festival, Children’s Week etc. In this post, I’ll speak about the pets that you can get during Hallow’s End and how to make decent profits by selling them.

First of all, the pets that you can get during the Hallow’s End are the Feline Familiar, Widget the Departed, Cursed Birman and the Sinister Squashling. The last one of them, the squashling, isn’t exactly the one to aim for, because most players who get involved within this event, will get it from a “Trick or Treat” bucket. Thus, it’s price is typically low yearlong. However, the cursed cats must be purchased for Tricky Treats, and that’s why they are expensive. Also, they are pretty good pets to use in battle, since two of them are undead, featuring beast abilities, and all of them have the Call Darkness ability.

The Feline Familiar, Cursed Birman and Widget the Departed cost 150 x Tricky Treat. The Tricky Treats are a currency that you can obtain by Trick-or-Treating the inns throughout World of Warcraft, during the Hallow’s End holiday. During this time, each inn will have a Candy Bucket from which you will be able to obtain 2-3 Tricky Treats. Evidently in order to visit as many inns as possible, it’s best to use a maxed level character with a flying mount.

These three pets are sold by the Candy & Toy Vendors stationed in the main cities of both factions. These are: Dorothy (32,50 – Stormwind City) for Alliance, and Chub (62,66 – Courtyard of Undercity) for Horde.


Now, in order to make some decent profits with these pets, you should sell them a few months later, after the events, in April, May, June or so. By this time, not many players will sell them anymore, and there’s a good chance you’ll ave the monopoly for the market of these pets. Their prices can go up to 6-7,000 gold 5-6 months after the Hallow’s End event, especially if you’ve also leveled them up to 25.

Also, since many players will sell these battle pets during the event, or 1-2 weeks after, their prices can drop considerably. Sometimes you can even buy them for 2-300g, or even less. In this case, stash up and re-sell them after a couple of months, when the price is much higher.

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