Profitable Items To Flip At Auction House

Items to Flip at Auction House

Auction House flipping can be a profitable game, but only if you know what and when to flip. To do that you must have quite a little bit of knowledge of the prices for as many items, resources, consumables etc, as possible, on the servers you play. Of course, you can always work with an AH addon for, however even so, you should never rely completely on it, because after all it’s only a program, and sometimes can be wrong.

So, when it comes to flipping items in World of Warcraft, there is quite a wide palette of what you can flip, in order to make profits. In this post, I’m going to point out a few.

1. Venomshroud armor. The Venomshroud armor is not a set similar to the Fel Iron for example, it’s not actually an armor set that gives you bonuses. However, there are quite a few Venomshroud armor pieces that fit together, and the whole armor has quite a nice appearance, with a big green spider on it. Due to the fact that the items don’t have bonuses, very few players know that there is actually a set, and consider the Venomshroud green armor, just some junk for the vendor, or to sell at AH for few gold. The Venomshroud pieces can exceed 3-4,000 per piece, but there are many oblivious players that sell them for 50-60g. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the prices of all the Venomshroud pieces. There may be nice profits to be made here.

2. Relics of Ulduar.¬†These are items that can be used to increase the reputation with the Sons of Hodir faction. And the quartermaster of this faction sells quite a bunch of neat stuff. Very few players farm these, and whoever gets a few while leveling throughout Storm Peaks, will get a few, which they sell for cheap. It’s best to stash up on these items, and when you consider you have, sell them in stacks of 10 (the amount required for the repeatable quest), evidently for a higher price than you’ve bought them. They won’t sell right away, but whoever wants to grind reputation with the Sons of Hodir will surely buy these. This actually stands for various reputation items.

3. Ginn-su Sword. This is quite a blue katana-type sword, that drops in Uldaman, typically from the Stonevault Mauler troggs. Now, this awesome-looking katana, is quite rare, and when someone gets one, chances are there aren’t any in AH to make a price-wise comparison, and they sell it for under 100-200g, because the stats on it are pretty crappy, way inferior to the Heirloom weapons. Needless to say, there are players who would give an arm and a leg for their twinks to look awesome. And one of the reasons this blade can be sold for so much, is that even though it’s 1-handed, the character wears it on its back, like a 2-handed sword. That’s why you can sell this for up to 10,000, or even more. If you can’t find it in AH, you might as well try to farm it yourself. It should be easy to clear the troggs in Uldaman, with a level 65+ character. Also, another katana-like sword, that characters keep it on their back, is Felsteel Longblade, which is craftable.


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