Auction House Flipping Tips

Auction House Flipping

Just like in most games featuring an Auction House, flipping items in World of Warcraft can bring you a lot of gold in a very short time. However, if you actually want to make decent profits out of it, there are a few aspects to know.

Therefore, here are a few tips for Auction House flipping in WoW.

Don’t invest in craftable items. Even if not many players craft and sell certain items, such as the Felsteel Longblade or the Planar Edge, Reborn, crafted items, in general, are easier to obtain. If you pump up the price of certain craftable items, many players that can craft them will also craft a few and undercut you. Therefore you may lose at this.

Don’t invest in jewelry. For each and every level range, all WoW classes have quite a bunch of rings and necklaces to choose from, also considering the BoP alternatives from instances. In general, if it’s not an end-game level ring or necklace, there’s a good chance it won’t sell.

Expansion entry level items are always a good gamble. In general, whenever a new expansion is released, the entry level gear (green or blue), is almost superior to the epic items from the previous expansion. This being said, equipment (green or blue) within the following use level ranges – 61-63, 71-73, 81-82, 87-88, and probably in the future, 91-92, and 96-97 – will always be a good gamble. Whenever a leveling player starts with an expansion entry level zone, they will need new gear to level up quickly, and whoever has a decent stash of gold, will surely pay for at least a few items, in order to increase the effectiveness of their character.

If you’re not using an Auction House addon, it’s best to focus on a smaller amount of items. There are quite a few addons that allow you to scan the Auction House, and get a good idea of the average, lowest and highest price of any item. But if certain items don’t appear in AH for longer periods, an addon can give you erroneous information regarding the real value of those items. I’m not saying here that AH addons are bad, they’re quite useful as a matter of fact, but not 100% reliable. So, if you choose not use an addon to scan the AH, it’s best to focus on a smaller amount of items, study the evolution of their prices for a certain period, and make yourself an idea of their value. Evidently, focusing on a certain category of items, such as leather or minerals, gems etc, will enable you to make better assessments, and you’ll learn best when its time to buy and when to sell.

Never invest more than 20-25% of the gold you have. In fact 20-25% might still be too much. Always keep in mind that you can lose at this, and if this happens, you’ll have spend some time farming, to put back the amounts you have lost.

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