Auction House Flipping: Gems

AH Gems Flipping

One of the item categories many players focus on when it comes to flipping, refers to gems. One of the most basic Auction House rules is to be applied here: buy the gems for lower prices, sell them for higher prices. There are a few specific aspects that you should know, if you want to flip gems for profits. In this post, I’m going to point them out.

1. Red gems are always the ones on the highest demand. That’s because cut red gems provide single core stats, such as Strength, Agility and Intellect. Almost every player has at least one DPS character, or at least one DPS spec on each character, and will need quite a bunch of red gems with one of the stats, in order to increase effectiveness. This being said, red gems with core stats are on high demand, and especially after a patch, or after the release of an expansion, their price peaks.

2. Second on the list, as demand, are the gems that offer Stamina and a core stat, such as Strength, Intelligence or Agility. Stamina is a statistic that any class needs, and most players will opt for such a gem, if they have a purple vacant slot, in order to get the gem bonus on an item.

3. Never hesitate to create monopoly on gems that provide the following SINGLE statistics: Haste, Agility, Strength, Intellect, Multistrike, Critical Strike and Mastery¬†if there aren’t many gems to buy, and you don’t have to spend too much. You should be able to get at least your money back in a very short time.

4. It’s never a bad idea to buy uncut gems, for lower prices, cut them into gems that are in smaller numbers, or can’t be found at all in AH, if you have a jewelcrafter. However, this involves crafting along with flipping, and it’s a method that might not apply to everyone.

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