Auction House Tricks For Superior Profits

Stormwind City AH

The basic principle of making gold by playing the auction house in World of Warcraft is to buy cheap and sell for higher prices. However, making decent profits is not that simple. There are various tricks to it. And if you’re looking for a few WoW AH tricks to pull, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tricks and methods to apply, to make decent amount of profits by playing the auction house in WoW.

Create the illusion that an item is cheaper

This method typically applies to items which aren’t quite common, for example, epic or blue weapons, rare recipes etc. It works best if there isn’t any competition in AH at all for that particular item.

To do this, you need to have 2-3 items of one sort, for example, two rare recipes that you have farmed or bought. In order to sell one quickly, and for a good price, it’s a good idea to auction one of them with an alt, for a very high amount, and the second one with your main character (or any other character) for the desired price. Players that have no idea about the average price of that item, will surely think they get quite a bargain when they purchase the “cheaper” one. And sometimes, people will even buy the item listed for the outrageous price.

Stock up

Auction house gambling requires patience. In other words, you have to wait for the right moment to sell your stuff. This works best for items such as crafting materials, or consumables. Therefore, it’s a good idea to stock up various materials, like mineral ore, cloth scraps, herbs, metal bars, potions, flasks, in general, mass items, and sell them when the prices are high. Evidently, it’s best to stock up on items auctioned for cheap prices. And if you want to do this on a larger scale, you might want to consider investing in big bags.

Create monopoly for items that are worth it

This is a method similar to the previous one. However, in this case you should buy all the items of one kind present in the auction house at some point, and auction them for a higher price. Being the only seller, you will have complete power over the price.

Keep in mind though, that this method doesn’t work best on items with high volatility, such as cloth, hides, herbs and other crafting materials. If you do this with a type of ore, Thorium Ore for example, chances someone will undercut you within the next 5 minutes are quite high.

Buying cheap materials and creating expensive items

Crafting can always be profitable, if you know what to craft. Many expensive craftable items require materials which are quite cheap. For example, the Spellpower enchantment, the Crusader enchantment or the Silver Spellthread. In some cases, the materials for an item cost a measly 50g, while the final product can easily go for 4-500g. Therefore, know your crafts.

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