AH Profits With Crafting Recipes Available From Vendors

Recipes To Sell At AH For Profits

There are many items that you can purchase from merchants, and sell in the Auction House for way more than their vendor price. Out of them all, it would seem that recipes, formulas and crafting plans are the best ot go after. Of course, not just any recipe is on the list of valuable items to sell in the Auction House, but some of them are. So, here’s a list of five recipes that will bring you profits.

1. Recipe: Free Action Potion. This Alchemy recipe is sold by Kor’geld (55,46) in Orgrimmar, and by Soolie Berryfizz (66,54) in Ironforge. The potion is quite a handy one in the BGs that require to steal the enemy flag, as the carrier becomes immune to stun and root. It costs 1g30s, and you can sell it for 100-150g.

2. Recipe: Frost Oil. This is another Alchemy recipe, which teaches you how to craft Frost Oil. This is actually an temporary enchantment oil, not a reagent like Stonescale Oil or Ethereal Oil. It can be applied on a melee weapon, giving it a Frost Bolt proc that slows the target. The recipe is sold by Bro’kin (44,21), at the snowy area in Hillsbrad Foothills. Te recipe’s vendor price is 25s, and it also can be sold for 100-150g, or even more.

3. Technique: Glyph of Everlasting Affliction. Out of the many glyphs that you can discover as a Scribe, there are a few, quite important ones, available from Technique scrolls. This one modifies the Unending Resolve spell, turning it in to a passive one, for a 10% damage reduction from all sources. This Technique scroll is available from Larana Drome  (41,36) in Dalaran. Few people know this Technique is sold by merchants, and if they see it in AH, they will buy it right away. Best price I sold one for, was 500g.

4. Technique: Glyph of Counterspell. This is another glyph Technique scroll available from Larana Drome (41,36) in Dalaran. The glyph is quite useful to Mages, as it modifies the Counterspell making it possible to be cast when channeling or casting other spells, with a CD increase of 4 sec., a glyph very useful in PvP.

5. Pattern: Tuxedo Jacket, Pattern: Tuxedo Pants, Pattern: Tuxedo Shirt. These are sold by the Tailoring Supplies vendors Outfitter Eric (43,29) in Ironforge, and Millie Gregorian (70,29) in Undercity. Evidently, these patterns teach you how to craft the full Tuxedo outfit, something that most players use to equip their auctioneer character. The patterns cost 45s, and can also be sold for 100+ gold.

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