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A 100% Safe Way To Transfer Gold From Server To Server

The Wrong Way to Transfer Gold

Many players get scammed every day, trying to transfer gold from their main server, to any other server where they need it. But that’s mainly because they use the most unsafe method: direct dual log gold transfer from character to character. Needless to say, if you find a player on a different server, and you begin transferring gold in specific amounts, one trade at the ... Read More »

WoW Gold Profits With Hallow’s End Battle Pets

Feline Familiar Battle Pet

The battle pets system released with Mists of Pandaria has opened a wide array of possibilities to make gold in WoW. That’s because there’s huge number of pets in the game, and of course, the rare ones sell for high prices. In the category of rare pets can be numbered the ones obtainable during WoW events and holidays, such as Day of the Dead, Midsummer ... Read More »

AH Profits With Crafting Recipes Available From Vendors

Recipes To Sell At AH For Profits

There are many items that you can purchase from merchants, and sell in the Auction House for way more than their vendor price. Out of them all, it would seem that recipes, formulas and crafting plans are the best ot go after. Of course, not just any recipe is on the list of valuable items to sell in the Auction House, but some of them are. ... Read More »

Profitable Items To Flip At Auction House

Horde Orgrimmar Auction House

Auction House flipping can be a profitable game, but only if you know what and when to flip. To do that you must have quite a little bit of knowledge of the prices for as many items, resources, consumables etc, as possible, on the servers you play. Of course, you can always work with an AH addon for, however even so, you should never rely ... Read More »

Auction House Flipping Tips

Orgrimmar Auction House

Just like in most games featuring an Auction House, flipping items in World of Warcraft can bring you a lot of gold in a very short time. However, if you actually want to make decent profits out of it, there are a few aspects to know. Therefore, here are a few tips for Auction House flipping in WoW. Don’t invest in craftable items. Even if ... Read More »

Auction House Flipping: Gems

AH Gems Flipping

One of the item categories many players focus on when it comes to flipping, refers to gems. One of the most basic Auction House rules is to be applied here: buy the gems for lower prices, sell them for higher prices. There are a few specific aspects that you should know, if you want to flip gems for profits. In this post, I’m going to ... Read More »

Auction House Tricks For Superior Profits

Stormwind City AH

The basic principle of making gold by playing the auction house in World of Warcraft is to buy cheap and sell for higher prices. However, making decent profits is not that simple. There are various tricks to it. And if you’re looking for a few WoW AH tricks to pull, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tricks and methods to apply, ... Read More »

Mistakes To Avoid When Playing The WoW Auction House

Stormwind City Auction House

Playing the auction house is an excellent way to make gold in World of Warcraft. However, if you want to make decent amounts of gold this way, you should learn a thing or two about the auction house in WoW, what’s worth to buy and re-auction, and most importantly, to learn from the mistakes of other players. In this post I’m going to cover exactly ... Read More »

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